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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Taiga Remains / Xochipilli

Again it has been a bit of a rush. Planned were two cassettes but due to a million and one distractions a couple of 3" CDs have been grabbed during the day. However, these are both fantastic and if for some reason you don't end up enjoying them at least they're reasonably small to download and short to endure. Hopefully you'll be pressing the play button again once they've run their course.

First up is the bonus 3" that came with Alex Cobb's latest Digitalis release, 'Wax Canopy'.
Taiga Remains - Fairing's Chapel

It's one, long (17 minutes) blissful metallic drone from the Students of Decay boss.

Taiga Remains - Fairing's Chapel

Second upload comes from a label that vanished - First Person (anyone know what happened to it?) - and a man you may be familiar with under the guises of The Cosmic Mandoliners, Ghost Brames or Capricorn Wings.
Xochipilli - Aircqocces of the Arc Tones

Florian Tositti is joined by Antoine Clemot for this recording that mixes field recordings with electronic noises, guitar strums, organs and French vocals.

Xochipilli - Aircquocces of the Arc Tones

Hope you enjoy both of those.

Tomentosa Records updated today with the two new Big Blood CDs. You can take a listen to both on the WFMU site and they will probably appear on here at some point for download.
Does anyone have any information about Accident Child?

Whilst we're still on about freebies I must point you to the Myspace page of Matthew A. Tavares & His Arkestra because his song 'Heave-Ho' (free download here) is an absolute blinder. He better hurry with some more tracks now this minute because I want to hear that on an LP sharpish. Very highly recommended.

Nothing Out There released a new compilation yesterday called 'Inner ends of the coils' featuring people like Expo 70, Ashtray Navigations, Guanaco and Savage Sons Of Wallonie (Tom Carter & Paul Labrecque).

Dream Root Recordings (brandorkrules [at] gmail [dot] com)
Interstates (etc) - When street lights go out

The Old Rig - Entrances (3" CD - contact frankbaugh (at) inbox.com - $4ppd)

Sloow Tapes
Von Himmel - Space Communion
Cybele Collins (book)

Our favourites over at Troglosound have released a press of 280 LPs of Golden Jooklo Age 'Ritual' this morning. Apparently there is another 1-sided record due in around a months time.

Will catch up with all the comments in the next couple of days, really appreciate getting them so thanks a bunch. Fingers crossed for a little competition in the coming weeks. And I'll keep searching for news of that Isengrind tape - the TSM CD on Ultra Hard Gel looks an early June release, although it may go to distros rather than direct from the label (will try to find out). Oh, and NSB are due to play here in London on November 3rd!

TICKETS - Fennesz, Grouper & Natural Snow Buildings (London, Nov. 3rd - £13.50)

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