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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Ignatz & Harris Newman - Bring You Buzzard Meat

Whoever decided that RSS should contain the word 'simple' is an arse. I now consider myself just two or three steps above an OAP in terms of computer skills.
Last week I decided to set up an rss feed to download 'A History of the World in 100 Objects' with uTorrent and somehow managed to have 30 different tv programmes downloading within twenty minutes of leaving the computer alone. Eventually got it sorted with lots of stars, vertical lines and deleted files. One day I'll attempt to rss a blog to save remembering links, but for now I do not want to download everything on the net that contains the letter 'a'.

My cassette player has started to chew tapes this week. Just fixed my record player and now the tape player goes. Great. Does anyone know if cassette players are based on belts as well or if it will be more complicated to fix?

Ignatz & Harris Newman - Bring You Buzzard Meat

I wasn't expecting to ever find a copy of this as it was a 2009 tour only EP but Mimaroglu listed some copies with their last update (link below - may still have some). YES!
This is a very good collaboration. There are parts of Newman's primitivism and parts of Ignatz's weird folk. Then the rest is somewhere in between. Big vibe of MV & EE in the overall atmosphere.

'II' by Ignatz and 'Dark was the Night' by Harris Newman are both well worth checking out if you're unfamiliar with either.

1. Political Song For Carla Bruni to Sing
2. I Will Bring You Buzzard Meat
3. Rise While You Fall
4. Under the Reef of Cloud
5. Stray Dog

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There were more updates there than I thought!


Anonymous said...

don't waste the money to repair your tape deck...get a new one

disconcerted said...

Can you still buy new tape players?

I gave it a clean inside last night and it has worked ok since. One of the motorised parts looks a little rusty but nothing looks out of place. Could just have been a different type of tape? I'm giving it a 30 second warm up from now on before playing anything hoping that will help.

Anonymous said...

hands to “flatline” double one-sided long playing record set:

and Qbico new web: http://www.sensationalxhols.org/qbico/QBICO_RECORDS.htm


Anonymous said...

IMAGINARY SOFTWOODS is being repressed and in epic fashion. a new 2LP edition of 500+ copies is in the work with new art & packaging and in addition to that a CD edition is also being pressed. the CD will also include the two tracks from the "invisible cloud container" cassette, released last year on pizza night.

great and shit (i have the recent 2Lp, limited to 150)


sevenism said...

Richer Sounds still sell brand new tape decks (bought a teac one last year that sounds awesome), or just get one off ebay

disconcerted said...

Thanks for the new Qbico link (wonder why another change?). The Doyle / Orkustra LP sounds and looks fantastic. Any idea about the prices? I suspect they'll all be £20+.

Unlucky with the Imaginary Softwoods records. I hope the prices of the next batch aren't significantly lower - happened a few times to me with re-issues (buying more expensive originals).

I don't really trust ebay with electricals - although I did buy a lovely Juno 6 on it four or five years ago - but will definitely have a look around Richer Sounds website. Think they closed my local branch.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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disconcerted said...

Only £12.50 for the pic disc? Wow. Just a shame it has now sold out. Hopefully Norman Records will keep the price reasonable - assuming they're due copies. The samples sound amazing. In fact, all the samples sound like an expensive day is on the horizon.
Definitely going to try and get a copy of #100 though.

Thanks for the extra info as well. The book would be amazing. Not sure I could ever afford that whole proposed package though, so I hope he would consider selling some lone copies of the book.

disconcerted said...

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