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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Sveriges Kommuner & Landsting - Spelar

If I were in power of the world I'd be sure to change life to fit a ten day week. There would be a seven day working week and a three day weekend, or maybe split the three days up as a two and a one (for a midweek break). Keep the twelve month rotation but instead have three weeks per month and end the year with a five (or six) day holiday. It would give everyone an extra four days of weekend a year and then the nice five day bonus. Best of all, it would make this blog look a lot more productive.*

Sveriges Kommuner & Landsting - Spelar

This was the first I knew of the band. I couldn't help but bid on it - don't worry, I was way off the winning bid. Record limited to six copies. Cool album artwork - if you, for some reason, had all six copies the back covers would result in one big piece of artwork. And then this description:

"The SKL project. Sveriges Kommuner & Landsting (SKL) is the name for a musical experiment that took place in a small studio in Malmö, Sweden. Seven women and men - some classically trained musicians and some really novice - used and tried out many instruments, sounds and drugs during a two day recording session. To name a few things they used: Electric and acoustic guitars, a MOOG and a Hammond organ, violins, a broken mandolin found in a trash can, a clarinet, many different drums, beers, some pot and LSD. No rehearsals had taken place prior to these sessions, which is evident in many ways. The music is not always in key and the primitive recording equipment makes it quite crude occasionally, but the sheer playfulness and improvisational grit of these people is really hard to ignore. The music is either traditional Swedish folk tunes or self penned, although a large part of it is improvised. The music was never intended for an official release, but these people have now accepted a small run of six copies of the music to be released on vinyl by the Kommun 2 label. Swedish painter Peter Wallgren has contributed with expressionist artwork for this release, pasting them by hand on old recycled album sleeves. The vinyls were cut one by one by someone who wants to remain unknown..."

Thankfully last year they allowed an extra 30 copies (this time just CDR) to be released - some are still available (€6), see below. There is another album due out next month (March 25th) entitled 'Orosvisor' (Songs of Disquiet) on Kommun2.

1. Kristallen Den Fina
2. Afghanistan
3. Halvpolska Från Forshaga
4. Uti Vår Hage
5. Det Glimmar Bland Molnen
6. Björndans Från Skåne

Download / Buy
Track 3 may have problems unzipping. The song is downloadable HERE

* Having now looked into this, it appears I've almost completely (unwittingly) ripped off the French Revolutionary Calendar. I wouldn't go as far as decimal time, although if I were four once again it would have saved a lot of confusion with the 24 hour clock.
Oh, the Egyptians also had a ten day calendar. I'll try and be more original with ideas in the future.


Install Sound: Simon Whetham & Mise_En_Scene - Eineanderweltstrasse
Horaflora's - The Gland Canyon

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Psychic Reality / LA Vampires - Split

Shizuka (of Shizuka) and Noma Yukimichi (of Les Rallizes Denudes) have both passed from this world in the last month - Shizuka on 2nd Feb, Yukimichi on 15th Jan.

Norman Records got in the new Qbico records on Monday - be sure to check the shops before spending huge on ebay. The Arthur Doyle Trio / Orkustra split picture disc looks an absolute monster (I mean that in a good way, of course).

Fuck It Tapes made a return this week with a new Peaking Lights cassette. Sold out already but I should think a few will appear at distros - more likely US based, can't ever remember many coming to UK shops.

Mon Insomnie have released a debut digital single, available for free download from here or to stream here. You may be able to buy a copy of CD (limited to 66) from Monster Heart Records.

Apollolaan Recordings released 'Metal Oblation' by Astral Social Club a couple of days ago. Limited to 24 art edition copies it sold out within hours - Volcanic Tongue often picks up their releases so may be worth an email? - but keep your eyes out for a normal, cheaper edition soon. Update: Copies of the special edition will be available from Norman Records very soon.

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Sturmundrugs Records: Alberorovesciato / Donato Epiro - Split
Black Eagle Child – Poland
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Private Collection: Misner Space - II

Reverb Worship: Mountainhood - Live At Deerborn House
Oortcloud - s/t

Kning Disk: Anna von Hausswolff - Track of Time
Prince of Assyria - What Ever You Want
Prince of Assyria - Missing Note
Erik Enocksson - Farväl Falk

Great Pop Supplement: Jerusalem and the Starbaskets - Battle of the Orchids (LP)


Michael said...

Higuma lp at Discriminate

disconcerted said...

Nice. The samples on Digitalis were top notch. Going to keep an eye on Boomkat next week to see how much they have it for - $15 is a great price, just international postage tends to double it.

Freebie download on L'animaux Tryst of a collaboration track called 'Wondrous Love'.

Anonymous said...

"The Arthur Doyle Trio / Orkustra split picture disc"

Mimaroglu has copies with the bonus “white-label” single, containing a shorter, “radio-friendly” runthrough of “flash gordon” along with an exclusive cut called “bombay calling” ...



disconcerted said...

Nice. Haven't yet impulsed on that album - can't afford a £30+ release at the moment, even if it is a double LP and well packaged, or with a bonus 7".
The Qbico split is a decent record. Both sides are good stuff but with small imperfections; the ADT side is a little fuzzy due to the recording quality of live sets 40 years ago and, at least on my copy, the Orkustra side has a few imperfections - possibly from a slightly degraded master tape?
The picture disc is lovely. I still believe Qbico's MV & EE pic disc is the most beautiful I've seen but this one comes close.

shivering said...

I am totally gutted to hear that Shizuka passed away. Any details? I have not been able to find out much at all. How about a biog and album tribute (post the Shizuka cassettes, perhaps). Sad news indeed.... brilliant artist on so many levels.

disconcerted said...

I would, if I had them (the cassettes).

Psych Metal Freak blog
Noise.as forum
Sonic Youth forum

I don't have any more details than what those links can provide.
Sad news. RIP Shizuka.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this. i recall seeing maybe something on your myspace or something about this (what, a year ago?) and only being able to hear maybe the first track.


disconcerted said...

Yeah, it was something I had been courting for a while. Hadn't expected a re-release but glad it came.

Motljud have an updated vinyl version. Apparently it is a new record but from what I've heard there are some of the same songs - maybe a re-recording?