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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Brief update (not much at all)

All is a little quiet at the moment. I've been having some late nights again now the Winter Olympics have started and it appears labels have been doing the same.

Were the Canadians were hoping for a repeat of the Beijing opening ceremony? Bryan Adams miming to the opening song; Chinese competitors in the stands given lunchbox sized drums.
The graphics were extremely well done, especially the whales, but what were the totem-phalluses all about? From the distant camera shot it looked wrong.

Not been very excited by any of the sport so far. Watching the Korean take out the other Korean in the speed skating final will become a classic moment in the same way the American boarder-cross woman falling on the last jump in 2006 did, but other than that... not exciting so far.
But as a result I have been distracted and away from the computer quite a bit (which is lovely). There aren't many updates this week so I've shoved in a bit of music news to pad the post out. Next update will be more exciting.


Apparently there's a full page piece on Natural Snow Buildings in this months Uncut magazine. If anyone has a copy, please feel free to scan in the page and send it across.

Thrill Jockey: Jack Rose - Luck in the Valley

Abbey Road is to be sold by EMI. Will Paul McCartney use his millions to buy it? There's no rumour of that happening but you never know. No doubt it will be sold to housing developers, split into lots of million pound flats and sold to rich Beatles fans.

La Société Expéditionnaire: Mako Sica - Dual Horizon

Woodsist: Moon Duo - Escape
Art Museums - Rough Frame
Woods - I Was Gone

Leyland Kirby has put out a 6LP package of his 'Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was' album(s).

This would slightly annoy me if I were a big Merzbow fan (that has bought most of the Important Records Bird series already). Important Records are apparently releasing another edition of the Bird Series box set (in a bird seed bag) in March, this time thought to be costing around $150 and containing all 13 CDs from the series plus a bonus CDR.

905 Tapes has opened up a lovely blog shop for releases & distro.

Thurston Moore - needs no introduction - has set up a blog, 'Flowers & Cream', that can be found here.

Ah ha. I think this is proof that the Vatican looked up the definition of 'down on the boys' when they were really intending to understand 'down with the boys'. They have issued (through 'L'Osservatore Romano - The Holy See's newspaper) their list of 'the top 10 pop and rock albums of all time':

1. The Beatles - Revolver
2. David Crosby - If I could only remember my name
3. Pink Floyd - The dark side of the moon
4. Fleetwood Mac - Rumours
5. Donald Fagen - The nightfly
6. Michael Jackson - Thriller
7. Paul Simon - Graceland
8. U2 - Achtung Baby
9. Oasis - (What's the story) Morning glory
10. Carlos Santana - Supernatural

Actually not that bad.

Google takes down music blogs - like this is new news?! Personally I think Google are getting a bit too big for their boots at the moment but that is based on unrelated news to this. I'm surprised it isn't more frequent.


l'animaux tryst said...

If I Could Only Remember My Name and Rumours also make my top 10... and I can support the inclusion of Revolver, Thriller, and Dark Side... Pretty awesome that Crosby album made the list...

Anonymous said...

i can agree w/ most, but oasis? come on, you already have the beatles, you dont need the weak imitation-

disconcerted said...

I don't mind a bit of Oasis now and then. It reminds me of long drives down to the south of France when I was a kid.

Not familiar with that Crosby album. I hit the wall of CSN when I discovered the Stephen Stills live album. I really didn't think any of them could top that. Might have to re-investigate them at some point and track that one down.

Matt, really enjoying your recent split on BR. Another big thumbs up from over here.
Your l'animaux 2010 update excited me as well.