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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Ian Watson & Mark Jolliffe - Leaf Skeleton

This 3" CD was self released in August 2007 by Mark Jolliffe and Sound of Aircraft Attacking Britain member Ian Watson in an edition of just 24 copies.

"A 3"CD of improvised glitches and guitar based hums against distant finger picked melodies" details it perfectly.

It only last for 12 minutes - seems strange to post this not long after the Natural Snow Buildings 6 cassettes that last about 7 hours - and what a beautiful 12 minutes they are.

Ian Watson, Mark Jolliffe - Leaf Skeleton (mp3 192kbps, 16.3mb)

New Plustapes:

Even just a couple of months into the creation of Plustapes you'll have to be sharp to get a copy of their releases. Some of the first releases - Dara Puspita and Los Holys - appeared for sale at Aquarius Records in San Francisco and a few releases are still (at least on last look) are available at DNT Records.
The latest, a demo from Chicago Thrash Ensemble, probably won't appeal to everyone that bought the first few tapes but sounds like it could make a worthy addition to anyone's tape collection. And looks at this artwork!

The tapes are limited to 100 and cost about $5/6 and if you miss out direct be sure to check the distros - Aquarius Records sold out extremely quick last time so be quick if you want one from them.

New Root Strata:

Couple of new albums from The Alps out on Root Strata today. Both limited to 100 copies and around 30-35 minutes long. Some beautiful samples are up on the website. $8-10 depending on your location.

Being awkward:

Last week someone else posted those Mississippi Records cassette compilations on ebay and thinking no one else had spotted them I was planning on nabbing #3 and #4 (the soul tapes). Typically someone did and at the last minute began bidding on them. So, feeling peeved at missing out on the ones I wanted I made sure to push the price up. No way was I wanting to spend $15 on each (they're just bootlegged tapes after all) but that other person was going to whether they wanted to or not.
The total came to about $136 in total (although someone else won one) and then add postage. As good as some of them were, that seems a complete waste of money to me. Whatever floats their boat. People on ebay are too rich these days (see the Wolf Eyes tapes go for $500 each?!).


Anonymous said...

hey- dont know if you are aware but root strata has alot of the mississippi tapes for dl on the blog- thanks again for the nsb dls, i should of known you already new bout the mediafire/nsb catalog- i tried-

disconcerted said...

Had linked to those Mississippi tapes a few posts back, #3 & 4 are just really good. Turns out the person has another set...
Thanks for the heads up on both things, the thought is appreciated.

Anonymous said...

arg! i cant win- just trying to show appreciation in anyway i can- thanks again-

disconcerted said...

It's the thought that counts!
The fact that you visited the blog and took the time to comment and try to help out is better than I had expected when starting this blog.

captain groovy said...

i love the heads up on releases.I ordered the 2 Alps releases which i never would have known about otherwise.

disconcerted said...

No problem at all, the samples from them sound amazing. I could only afford the first one so be sure to say what the 'moon' CD is like.
I'd really recommend getting yourself on the RS mailing list, there are always new releases from them that are worth checking out and they generally sell out quick.

captain groovy said...

actually both Alps discs have already been posted online.I didn't put them up because they are so new.I'm glad too if you'd like.

disconcerted said...

Hadn't realised. Saw they were being sold at Aquarius last year but they disappeared instantly, then I forgot about them. Might have to track the other one down when the CD arrives.