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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Wicked It

Had alternate distractions these past couple of weeks but have a few things lined up for February so things should get back on track to more frequent posting soon.

This is one I've had for three or four years now, bought off ebay for about £5 from someone distributing a large amount of Sunburned Hand of the Man-related CDs. On rateyourmusic this is titled 'Cerne Abbas Giant Giant D.N.A. Sample'. I would suggest from the packaging (no inserts or writing on it other than band name, label catalogue number and edition number) it was a self-titled or untitled release but more on that in a moment.

The Wicked It

From the Sunburned discography page on myspace this CD is catalogued as #30, it simply states that this album was a 'solo & sunburned remix project' by Chad Cooper. However, the only information on the sleeve is clearly 'Manhand #34' and numbered out of 300.
The next destination for information has to be finding a site for Chad Cooper, and this leads you to The Wicked It myspace page where this information is available:

These tracks [The Wicked It] are a compilation of my recordings from 1992-2005. Some of them were available in very limited quantity cd-r's through John Moloney’s Sunburned Hand of the Man label, "Manhand." The first, M.H. # 7, "Agoraphobic Christcycle," contains early Sunburned tracks on it as well as our first band practice. The second, M.H.# 18, “Manhunt in ‘D’,” is solo music with vocals later over-dubbed by J. Moloney. The 3rd M.H. #34 "The Wicked It: Cerne Abbas Giant, Giant D.N.A. Samples,” is completely solo but using a sampler with clips from Sunburned recordings on some of the album. The remainder of my work since 1992 is now being released here on MP3 format. (here)

So this is part 3 of that series - and that has confirmed the long title and catalogue number, at least from Chad. Oh shit. Just put this into iTunes and it has come up with the track names as well. Result!

I've not got too many Sunburned releases to be able to say, across the board, that this is unlike anything else they've been related to but it is certainly unusual in my knowledge of the group.



On the Peasant Magik box set, to all those wondering: Sal (owner, organiser and general ruler of PM) has been out of commission for the past few weeks recovering from an injury but is now back in service and apparently posting orders out. Sounds as though there are dozens of trips to the post office needed to get everything out. They should start arriving soon but possibly still a few weeks off for us international folk.

The Golden Lab single series, part 2 will be from Ex-Cocaine and should be out in March. £30 for one single so far... Bit of a shame because the line-up is excellent: Beach Fuzz, PWHMOBS, C Spencer Yeh, Heather Leigh Murray (in addition to MV & EE and Ex-Cocaine).

Tchantinler: Voice of the Seven Thunders - Voice of the Seven Thunders (CD edition)

Milieu Music / Plastic Log: Teenager - Smiling Faces (8" lathe)

Blackest Rainbow: MV & EE - Live Road (now only available from distros and on tour)

Important Records: Merzbow - Bird Series Vol 13: Chabo

Catholic Tapes (email): Sean McCann - Continent
Head Boggle - Alto Coloratura In Synthesize
Dino & Nic - Plays Theme From Dino & Nic
Flower Man - Another Ozone Hex

I Had An Accident Records: Walter Gross and Julia LaDense – So Fucken Ghetto / Sin

L'Animaux Tryst will be re-awakening this year and the line-up looks fantastic. New Lightning Strike Lightning is on the cards!

Stumparumper Records have gone on to Kick Starter - the place that helped make Julianna Barwick's vinyl edition of her gorgeous 'Florine' EP - to try and help cover some costs of old stock.

Flipped Out Records: Burnt Hills - Herb Saint

Woodsist: Eat Skull - Jerusalem Mall
The Fresh & Onlys - Second One to Know

Digitalis (vinyl): Higuma - Den of Spirits
Roll the Dice - Roll the Dice
See distros for these records, Boomkat, Forced Exposure, Mimaroglu, Eclipse, etc.

Beniffer Editions: Brian Ruryk - Cycle of Fords
Thee Gnostics - Archival
Cubic Susuration / Jakob Olausson - Split
Andrew Zukerman - Don't Dress the Petal Near the Void
Matthew "Doc" Dunn - Peace Be Your Rider
Wasted Nymph - Urlapse
Max Eisenballz (DJ Dog Dick) - From Place to Place

Psykick Dancehall: V/A (Jazzfinger, Hobo Sonn, Serfs, Single Helix, Hunter Gracchus, Bad Orb, Wounded Knee, Patrick Farmer) - Psykick Dancehall 2

Beartown Records: Steffen Basho-Junghans - O Som Naha


luminous insect said...

I picked up a copy of this at the essential Twisted Village shop in Cambridge, Mass. totally sold on the Sunburned "disco remixes." Though half the tracks were too scratched out to play, sucked. Lord knows where it was and how many bottles of Sam Adams were spilled on it before they cleaned it up and sold it.

disconcerted said...

Haha, that's unfortunate!
Ever since I bought a 7" in HMV that had a giant bite taken out of it I've checked the condition of CDs/records in shops if possible.

Hope this makes up for the missing tracks (if you hadn't found them until now). Was a bit worried when the last three or four weren't playing in my CD player but iTunes ripped it with no trouble.

Oh, and these are 192kbps mp3 to deal with the 100mb limit.