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Friday, 19 February 2010

New Peasant Magik lathes / tapes / LP

I'm having a few computer / internet problems at the moment, intermittent to say the least. It seems to allow an average of five minutes online before dying so I'm trying to work out whether it's my computer, router or phoneline. Will be back to normal soon.

Whilst this is going on I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone and also quickly post this Peasant Magik update. It also includes details of the box set posting as well at the bottom.

Peasant Magik

Three lathes limited to 50 copies each:

God Willing - Forced to Function

Caboladies - Kind Glaze

Concern - Spatium

$15-20 each or all three for $38-45 depending on where you are.

The following tapes will be available from Tuesday:
David Lackner - The Repeaters
Willful - Speaking in Tongues
Stabab - Mesmerizing Leaves To Flee
Golden Cup - Il Cielo (+ deluxe edition of 12)

These two LPs should be available by the end of the month:
Helm - To An End
One Master - The Quiet Eye of Eternity

Box set: All artist, distro, and pretty much all of the domestic orders have shipped. Rest of the world will ship this weekend. Sorry for the slow shipping, but Philly has been under a layer of ice for the last two weeks, with most public transportation just up and running in the last few days.


nan said...

Hi Disconcerted--

Thanks for all that you do.

I am in the US, and I still haven't received my Peasant Magik box set. (I pre-ordered it in October of '09.)

I've written to the label using the info at peasant magik dot net email address, but have gotten no reply as of yet. Any more suggestions/guidance you can offer? You seem to have connections.

Thanks again.

disconcerted said...

I don't actually know of anyone that has received a copy yet (and mine hasn't arrived) but it appeared for download on Akteon recently so I figure they must be coming. Might be worth asking on Akteon whether they actually received a copy?

Hopefully they'll all be arriving soon. I'll try and keep updates coming about it when I hear any news (people getting them / delays / etc.)

nan said...

Thanks so much for replying to my comment so quickly. I'll keep checking back for info.

disconcerted said...

Just seen the note on the PM site:

"Will be in and out of town this week. So no email returned until this coming weekend. Sorry. Helm and One Master LPs arrived and will be posted when I return."

disconcerted said...

Told for definite that someone has received a copy of it - and also the lathes have begun to arrive (maybe all sent out at the same time?) - so expect it reasonably soon.

nan said...

thanks for the updated info. still haven't received anything, nor have i received a reply to the two polite emails i've sent over the last two weeks. trying to hold out hope.

Guy said...

I got this from Sal at Peasant Magik today (14th March)
"sent out your box set earlier this week and got to the international lathe orders this morning"

so I guess things are in the mail. I hope everybody gets theirs soon.

disconcerted said...

Nice. Thanks for passing on that news.
If the box and lathes arrive in the same week, or even on the same day, my headphones are going to be on for about a month.

Guy said...

Got my lathes today. No sign of the PM50 box though. I've mailed Sal again and will let you know what I hear.

Guy said...

My copy of the PM50 box arrived today (UK). So they're definitely out there.

disconcerted said...

Yeah I think my box is at the post office - got a note through the door saying a packet was too big for the letterbox.
Got the lathes yesterday too. The Concern one is lovely.

Anonymous said...

Do you still have any of the Concern lathes for sale?

disconcerted said...

Just noticed Tomentosa has updated with a few of the Concern and God Willing lathes.