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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Updates / Mako Sica / End of the year (part 1)

Just a quick one today. There will be another upload sometime during the week - if all goes to plan - but I hope the Voice of the Seven Woods and Zelienople (and Jooklo - I'll try and be less bitter about that in the next post) releases will suffice for a few more days.

But... if you were hoping for something to listen to: you may remember the Mako Sica post back in April. Well, an email came through last week from the band with a link to a release they're putting out in Feb 2010 on La Societe Expeditionnaire. It features three tracks from the Plus Tapes cassette but re-recorded and re-worked. The quality is much better and as a piece I would definitely recommend checking it out.

Mako Sica - Dual Horizon (link underneath the album art)

I've just remembered, I was going to ask if anyone possibly has Soulsavers cover of 'Blues Run the Game' (in mp3) and/or anything by Kapingbdi. Please leave a comment or send an email to disconcertedsounds [at] gmail if you are able to help with either. Thanks.


Not entirely sure what's new from Tompkins Square any more but they have a little sale going on, $5 off if you buy 2 releases, $7 off for 3, $10 off 4 or $20 off 5+. Not spectacular but they have an excellent release list so it wouldn't be too hard to save $20 - although it's only a saving if they're releases you want.

Images of the Peasant Magik box set have appeared and look amazing:
I suspect these will be arriving soon.
New PM cassettes: Locrian - Endless Plains / Flat Horizon
Eyeballs - Treasure
Rambutan / Fossils From The Sun - Split
UUHUU - Stringfigures for Flynt
Bones of Seabirds - Hidden Places

A Beard of Snails: Harps of Fuchsia Kalmia - Time of Love Doesn't Converge With the System of Evil
Aditi Tahiti - Spontaneous Conversations
Bessemerr - Emmeduranki
P.R.E.C. - Contageous Insanities
Joseph McNulty - Week
Sacred Carp - The Rest of Sacred Carp
Sacred Carp - More Rest Of

Ikuisuss are having an insane sale of 50% off (prices not adjusted on the website but it is a 50% sale on all Ikuisuus releases and distro items).

John Frusciante has apparently quit RHCP (MusicRadar)

Reverb Worship: Expo 70 - Galaxy Of Mysticism

Tomentosa has had a serious update.

Kraak: The Afternoon Saints (Lee Ranaldo, Christian Marclay, Günter Müller, David Watson) - The Shirley Jangle
Hellvete - De Gek

Different Lands (email): Jen Paul - 1965 Ghost
Yuhasz - 12 | 28 Variations
Taluum Shimmering - Thunderous Slit-Gongs on Islands of Clouds
Orcs - Jaw Bones
Pink Desert - See you later
Future Twin - III

Slaapwel: Peter Broderick - Music for a Sleeping Sculpture of Peter Broderick

Type Records: Richard Skelton - Landings (LP available from boomkat and forced exposure, CD available from Richard)

Inca Ore @ Silver Club.
Reminds me a bit of 'Protection' by Massive Attack. Very nice.

Existential Cloth Recordings: Deep Magic / Love Cult - Split
Inhibitionists - Phantom Tart Brother
Aghori - Forced Fate
Enfer Boreal / Pine Smoke Lodge - Lighting the Qulliq Vol.1
Sparkling Wide Pressure - Bob Moves / Linda Speaks

Tired Trails Collective: Monks of the Balhill & Enfer Boreal - Split

End of the Year

I'm not coming up with my end of year list just yet - on the weekend I went and ordered a copy of 'Light: On the South Side' from Honest Jons and I'm still patiently waiting to hear the new Zelienople and the TSM re-release - but please feel free to leave you lists.

Here is the top 10 from Wire magazine:
1.Broadcast & Focus Group - Investigate witch cults of the radio age
2.Oneohtrix Point Never - Rifts
3.Bill Orcutt - A new way to pay old debts
4.Alasdair Roberts - Spoils
5.Sunn O))) - Monoliths & dimensions
6.David Sylvian - Manafon
7.Group Doueh - Treeg Salaam
8.Jim O'Rourke - Visitor
9.Ben Frost - By the throat
10.King Midas Sound - Waiting for you

What has been underrated or undiscovered this year, people?
The new Our Love Will Destroy the World on Blackest Rainbow surprised me last week and the two (affordable) new Qbico Jooklo records have really begun to chime my bells - although they have done better. Haruko's 'Wild Geese' (on Bracken) has been lovely to relax to and the collaboration between Black Eagle Child and Goodwillies ('Bamboo Airships' on Digi Ltd) is fantastic. No idea what I'd consider the best of this year though.


Anonymous said...

here is my top ten. pretty final I think. no particular order:

Uke of Spaces Corners - Flowers in the Night
Michael Hurley - Ida Con Snock
Mountainhood - Thunderpaint the Stone Horse Electric lp
Nathaniel Mayer - Why Won't You Let Me Be Black Lp
Stephen Steinbrink - Next New Sun
Grass Widow -s/t
Brian Harnetty & Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Silent City
Vic Chesnutt - At The Cut
Jeremy Enigk - OK Bear
Ryan Driver - Feeler Of Pure Joy

captain groovy said...


here's your song.:low bitrate but sounds good

disconcerted said...

Fantastic, thank you. It does sound good. I'm surprised, I always thought m4a files were meant to be rubbish.
Don't think it's the greatest cover of the song - having a binge right now - but I do enjoy Mark Lanegan's voice.

Interesting list there, anonymous. Didn't even realise Uke of Space Corners or Jeremy Enigk had released albums this year, I'll definitely have a look around for those later.
You've also reminded me that there's a new Michael Hurley 7" out on Mississippi at the moment. The samples at Honest Jons sound like more good stuff from him.

ini.itu said...

hi there!
just before the end of the year we have a new release : francisco lópez "untitled #228" - based on field recordings from Indonesia - vinyl edition of 250 copies.