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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Arelean Brown / Updates / End of Year (pt. 2)

The most expensive Christmas present I bought this year was selfishly for myself. In fairness, no one really wanted anything and I still owe my brother something - which will be combined with a house warming present. Presents aren't all about cost anyway. The best things are thoughtful or handmade, right?
The expensive item I bought was the 'Light: on the South Side' compilation on Numero Group. It's a bit mental. The near 2" spine is just as close to 1" so don't let them fool you with that statement, either way, it's a hefty package. The box and the book are really well put together, heavy duty stuff. However, I was disappointed with the pressing of the LPs. Crackles and pops all over the place on mine and sometimes the needle can't find the right groove at the start, as a result the first 20 seconds of this song sometimes sounds like a 128kbps stream.
Anyway, this is my New Year song - even though it's sung from a woman's point of view, I just can't help but sing along.

Arelean was around 50 when she sung this track and on harmonica it features the proficient playing of Little Mack Simmons.

Arelean Brown - I'm a Streaker

Hope you all had a good Christmas and a happy New Year.

On Christmas Day Vic Chesnutt ended his life. Any donations to the family can be given here.

Yesterday morning (30th), guitarist for Boys Next Door and The Birthday Party, Rowland S. Howard, passed away at the age of 50.

Troglosound has released the latest Jooklo instalment: Neokarma Jooklo Trio - Evo Magico

Ammagar: Nocillo Furioso - From Ash, Walnuts Story (dvd + half litre of homemade walnut liqueur)

Digitalis Ltd: Eagle Altar / Bugskull - split (probable re-print, Boomkat ordered a bunch though)
Andrew Coltrane - Conflict
Ophibre - Basil forests
America Reads - Towers open fire
Niggas with Guitars - Continent gods
Knit Prism - Perception
V/A - Air rings vol. 1
Emuul - Egeiro

Time Lag (Red Records: Visitations - s/t (2LP)

Gift Tapes (pre-orders): Brother Raven - ITCZ
Father Sound / Harpoon Pole Vault - Split
Golden Retriever - Static Ram

Dream Root Recordings: America Reads - New Age Dropout
Derek Rogers / Slaughtering Dolphins - Split
Al Qaeda - I Don't Even Know What I'm Fighting For

Cloud Valley (Email): Cloud Valley - Softlight Reveries
Cloud Valley - Climax One
Pine Smoke Lodge - Eta Carinae

Christina Carter (Email): Charalambides - Tree-Lane Blacktop (bootleg LP)

Ekhein (Email): Sean McCann - Lower Decks
Mirror to Mirror - Heart
Infinite Body
(Mirror to Mirror & Earn collaboration) - 1958-2009 II

Reverb Worship: Mark Bradley - His Masters Voice

Ini.itu: Francisco López - Untitled #228

End of Year:

One of the last posts said the next post would probably take a while, allowing me some time to think about an end of year list. I haven't given it much thought at all. I'm still waiting to hear five or six releases (eg. Troglosound releases, Peasant Magik box) and a busted turntable has left me unable to spin the latest Zelienople record, ARGH.


10. Nancy Elizabeth - Wrought Iron
9. Rameses III - I could not love you more
8. Caboladies - Atomic Weekender
7. North Sea - Total Football
6. Cursillistas / White Light - Travel Light
5. Natural Snow Buildings - Daughter of Darkness
4. Haruko - Wild Geese
3. KGB Man / Oneohtrix Point Never - KGB Nights / Blue Drive
2. Black Eagle Child & Goodwillies - Bamboo Airship
1. Twinsistermoon - The Hollow Mountain


5. Expo 70 - Ostara
4. Olafur Arnalds - Found Songs
3. Golden Jooklo Age - Ritual
2. Beggin' Your Pardon Miss Joan - Avon
1. Richard Moult - Suite for Titouan


3. Boduf Songs - On the brink of all we hate
2. Clothide / Delphine - Split
1. Andrew Jackson Jihad / Cobra Skulls - Under the Influence

Re-Issues / Compilations

5. Open Strings: 1920's Middle Eastern Recordings - New Responses
4. Sveriges Kommuner & Landsting - s/t
3. MV & EE - Road Trips
2. Abner Jay - The Story of...
1. Dave Bixby - Ode to Quetzalcoatl

Some really good music this year, let's hope for more of the same in the one-der years (thanks Aussies for that one).



Anonymous said...

Vic Chesnutt

This page is a tribute to Vic Chesnutt - here to accept donations on behalf of his family. 100% of all funds raised will go to Vic's family.



disconcerted said...

Thanks for that. I'll edit in the link.

icastico said...

New music for the new year for you and your readers.


Afro-ambient noise, drone, minimalism

Spread the word.

Anonymous said...

hey, you ought to put up some of those albums and eps from your top lists!

disconcerted said...

I may well do a couple of them soon.

Just been waiting for a couple of things to arrive in the post (the belt on my turntable broke just after Christmas). Will try and have a tape up this evening/tomorrow.