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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Antony Milton - Summit Is Fragile / Endless Endless Endless - Black Talisman

RATM get no.1 in the UK Christmas charts!*

This is probably going to be the last album post before Christmas - although I will attempt to get up a couple of songs during the week, maybe a compilation? - and allows time to think about an end of year list.

Not seen many updates since the last post but I've gathered together a couple of things at the bottom.

Still looking for any Kapingbdi releases if anyone can help?

Antony Milton - Summit Is Fragile

In the early Spring of 2007 I managed to escape the city for a week in Arthurs P in the Southern Alps of the South Island of New Zealand. I took with me a banjo, an ebow and some effects pedals, and a loop station pedal and cette walkman with which to record.

The plains were foggy on the drive up toward the mountains but it was sunny in the high reaches as we arrived at the small cabin we had rented. That evening it snowed and we actually saw very little sun for the rest of our time there. This didn't stop us exploring mossy valleys or clambering up small mountains but did make the time spent by the fire in the evenings all the more appealing.

'Summit is Fragile' is a collection of tone poems, field recordings, song sketches, ecstatic drone pieces and gestural constructions stitched together with short banjo ragas composed over this period. A rendering of the feelings of a place in time that now seems more an impossible dream than a reality. I consider it one of my very best works to date.

This was released in New Zealand last December (2008) on 12" lathes, limited to 40 copies on Antony's own PseudoArcana label. It sold out in a couple of weeks and wasn't available from any distros. I seem to remember he, Antony, mentioned a possible re-release this year but I've not spotted news since.
Sadly a lot of PseudoArcana releases have been caught up in a house fire but there is a $5 charity (San Miguel del Bala Community Trust) download on his website of a recording he made on his travels in South America this year.

A1. Otira
A2. The Cloud Has Been Lain Low
A3. Heath
A4. Mountains
A5. 10pm
A6. Fell With Rain
A7. Dreaming Of Ghosts

B1. Black Tea
B2. Rain And The Rain
B3. Stars Crowd The Gap
B4. Turpentine Bush
B5. Walk To The Pass
B6. A Small House Of Tin
B7. Bourbon Seemed Appropriate
B8. Summit Is Fragile
B9. Walking Down The Hill


Endless Endless Endless - Black Talisman

Black Talisman is the debut recording from the New York/Jersey duo of Brett Renfer (Brooklyn: guitar, vocals, and pedals) and James Tichenor (Jersey: Korg Gameboy DS). Splitting their time between triumphant post-noise and stretched out bummer-wave, Endless Endless Endless creates music from the sounds of shimmering guitars, squiggly synth lines, filter sweep synth washes, slow-mo 8-bit drums, and infinite layered vocal harmonies all mushed together into a psychedelic, blissed-out smoothie. With no overdubs and minimal editing, Black Talisman captures Endless Endless Endless riffing as songs and ideas build, blur, loop and die. This is music for (and from) pretzel rods and Miller highlife.

Don't be put off by the Nintendo DS thing, 8-bit music is usually utter tripe and I honestly think this is the first bit of music using the tech that I've enjoyed.

Download / Buy

* No doubt now I've written that X Factor overtook and got #1 - and you've probably realised that this was written (but not posted) before the unavoidable result. Can't say I've been paying any attention to the charts (last time I did was probably the same era as 'wicky wild wild west' by Will Smith) or supported either song, but I do support the fact that money is being donated, from the RATM campaign, to Youth Music, Shelter and a free show in the UK next year (if it did happen to make #1).
Pogues & Kirsty MacColl for #1 every Christmas!

New releases:

Not entirely sure how new it is, but this past week I've spotted a couple of mentions of the 'Nippon Folk, Japan Blues' compilation on Trilogy Tapes. If you liked the Takahashi Chikuzan / Takahashi Yujiro split a couple of months ago (here) it is apparently along those lines.

Housecraft: Jeffry Astin - Stray Dreams Zodiac
Gitche-Anahmi-Bezheu / Jugu - split
Talugung - Adelosa Glare
Xiphiidae - Sewn Within a Circle

Release The Bats have nothing new, but 2010 is sounding great. Records from: Blessure Grave, Dolphins Into The Future, Altar Of Flies, Ättestupa, Street Drinkers / Skeppet, Viking Jews / Smycken, Blessure Grave / Lust For Youth, Sewer Election, Cross (Michael Turner / Warmer Milks), Satan Power (Lasse Marhaug, John Olson, Edwin Pouncey and Joachim Nordwall) and Tavaresh (Oneohtrix Point Never & Caboladies)

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