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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Zelienople - Gone (OST)

June 2007 was an excellent month, it produced probably the surprise of the year for me. I'd never consciously heard of Zelienople but something on the Boomkat website led me to impulse buy a vinyl copy of 'His / Hers' - it was probably the simple fact that they wrote something along the lines of, "white vinyl limited to 100 copies!" and my feeble mind responded with, "Shit! 100 copies! I don't want to miss out on that". Two years later I have devoured everything by Zelienople (the only exception being the split 7" with Tekulvi), and even with ten albums sitting on the shelves in my room I want more. They cannot ever stop creating for that would be like the death of a good friend.

Zelienople - Gone (OST)

I've only listened to this once, about two weeks ago. As I'm technically getting 'Give it Up' for Christmas (bought it myself to give to my parents to give to me - just ensuring I got a copy) and this is a bonus CD that was packaged with the vinyl edition it would seem a shame to ruin it by knowing every nuance of both albums before the day Jesus did something*. As a result I can't really tell you much about this album other than that it was a pleasant first hearing.

If you hadn't realised already, it is the soundtrack to a film called 'Gone'. The film created by Donald Prokop - also did their 'Land of Smoke' dvd footage of the bullet train through Japan (youtube) - doesn't have any obvious information about it on the web. If I find anything out about it I'll post it, or if you know please enlighten us all.

1. Main Theme
2. More Than That
3. Slaving
4. Missing
5. Clarity
6. Trees & Sparks
7. Indifferent Dreams
8. Closing Theme

Please think about buying yourself a copy of 'Give it up'. Not sure about the vinyl edition any more but the CD should be available from the usual distros.


I'd also highly recommend checking out the new Beggin' Your Pardon Miss Joan track over at Olbas Noise, another really beautiful song from Lex.

* I do know why we celebrate Christmas, I'm not really that ignorant.

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