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Monday, 11 January 2010

Rahdunes - Drink & Drive or Smoke & Fly

Well. A belated welcome to 2010 to all of you, or, let's be honest, just you, the web wanderer.
I'm not entirely sure what 2010 will hold for this blog. The aim is for more of the same. Going to try and keep it chugging along at a nice easy pace.

Anyway, here's to 2010. Hope it treats you well.

Rahdunes - Drink & Drive or Smoke & Fly

Released sometime in February 2009 in an edition of 40 cassettes on Bum Tapes, following previous releases on Blackest Rainbow, Qbico and the split with Expo '70 on Kill Shaman.

Totally blown away with this new release by the mighty Rahdunes,
Two full sides of thick smoke driven grooves and swirling, zoned out synths that grow, collapse and fold in on each other, only to be washed clean by waves of some of the most earth shattering drums I’ve heard on tape for a long time!

Stick with this tape for the b-side - in my opinion the more enjoyable side.

A. Sounds
B. Acid Meter Eruption Factor



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Anonymous said...


Did you receive PM50 BOX SET PREORDER of Peasant Magik Records?

I am from Spain, and i didn´t receive it.

I hate these pre-orders


disconcerted said...

Not yet, no. I'll try and find out about it this week.