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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Sacred Basil - Days of Six Billion

Sacred Basil, a collaboration between members of Cursillistas, Gorman, Planets Around the Sun and Tempera, do jams. They've only released one so far but another is soon to follow on Digitalis Ltd. This excellent debut tape comes from Cabin Floor Esoterica and was limited to 50 copies.

Grooving organ, trumpet wails, building drum circle pounds, singing bowls, etc. A treasure chest of instruments dumped on the floor and a rotating cast picking them all up to work out the tones.


Copies may still be available over at L'Animaux Tryst Time Lag.

Blackest Rainbow now has a blog and has posted a sneak peak of the zine artwork. Looks so good!

Existential Cloth Recordings: Rambutan/Derek Rogers - Street Secrets
Dream Safari - Energy Lift
Bjerga/Iversen - Monochromatic
medHammer - Shedding Life

Feral Child (the label that bootlegged the Clothide / Delphine split) has released their second 7", a split between Joy Division ('No love lost' demo) and The Buzzcocks ('Whatever happened to?' demo) limited to just 150 copies. Costs £6.99 ppd in the UK but expect to see it for much more on ebay. Contact GPS for details.


l'animaux tryst said...

Hey, thanks for the Sacred Basil up... Just wanted to let you know that we're now completely sold out. Interested parties might want to try Time-Lag Records, who were carrying the tape in their distro (might be a copy or two left).

disconcerted said...

Cheers for updating that, Matt.
Really look forward to hearing more of this project in the future. Excellent tape.

Have a great tour.

tedted said...

hey, thanks alot for the sacred basil, looks great. btw, do you know of anyway to contact existential cloth recordings outside of myspace?

thanks again

disconcerted said...

Sorry, haven't had any luck finding an email address or alternate website for them.

Anonymous said...

sacred basil - day of six billion - cabin floor esoterica - cass - 7$



Anonymous said...

Just crawled in here to say hello and to wish airwars for centuries to come chez vous. From a fervant follower of self-giving love...

disconcerted said...

Didn't think to check Tomentosa, well thought of.

Also reminded me that I still haven't received that Edgar Wappenhalter tape...

Thanks for saying hi foreigner (or is it stranger? Long time now since I scraped through French). Interesting stuff, barely heard of any of it.