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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Caboladies - Atomic Weekender

Not planning on staying up much longer tonight so this is going to be quick and will probably be edited in some way tomorrow.

Caboladies - Atomic Weekender

Only released in May this year on Digitalis and limited to just 100 copies so disappeared pretty fast. I believe this is the first slab of wax for Caboladies but I hope there is more to follow because it sounds fantastic.

Although the album is named after the main track of the b-side, 'tartar hologram' is the stand out piece for me.

The first second or two of SLP1 is missing so it jumps into it a little, you don't miss much with this rip though.

A1. tartar hologram
A2. space ladder spiritual I
B1. space ladder spiritual II
B2. atomic weekender
B3. space ladder spiritual III

Download (320kbps mp3)

Past Post: Caboladies - Earth Canal

Apparently Peasant Magik will have a Caboladies lathe record (ltd 50) out in the next few months.


Anonymous said...

poneyclub international compilation


Anonymous said...

awesome compilation!

Various Artists - Resonant Hole, Vol. 1 CDR $7


Anonymous said...

Various Artists - Resonant Hole, Vol. 1 CDR


l'animaux tryst said...

Oh man, thanks for this... wanted to check it out but the vinyl was gone before I knew it. Looks gorgeous as well...

disconcerted said...

Thanks for those links, will definitely have a look at them.

Yeah, too few copies of this LP considering how good it is. Some distros may still have copies but I really don't know.

Probably won't be a post this week as the computer is going to the shop - don't want to infect anyone else by unknowingly uploading this crappy virus.

Anonymous said...

Rain orchestra


disconcerted said...

That video is fantastic. The thunder is dead on.