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Monday, 13 April 2009

Quick Update (more new labels, tsm)

Don't have anything to upload on this Easter Bank Holiday weekend, but I'll try and find a couple of things for tonight or tomorrow. Neither do I know what to write, as far as I know very little has been released in the past couple of weeks but there has been a Twinsistermoon update (for all you NSB fans).

Lotus Birth
Nautilus - White Diamond Flies Low
Whole Voyald Infinite Light - Cathexis
Infinite Light - Live in the now / Margahirsha Poornima

905 Tapes
Travels - Dripping Down the Walls
Crystal Plumage - Swift Wrist / Broken Hacksaw
D/A A/D / Nodolby - Split

Tired Trails Collective
Nirvana Pan Jali / Many Mansions - Split
Harps of Fuchsia Kalmia w/ Delphine Dora - Pantomima Terrrestre
Horse Gives Birth to Fly - Untitled

Housecraft Recordings
Super Minerals - The Gooh
Hairmaiden of the Totem Robe - Breaking the Head
Isaac Willow - Sanctimonious Rhythm and Rouge

I Had An Accident Records have released a bootleg edition of Tim Kinsella's (Cap'n Jazz, Joan of Arc, etc.) 'Orchard Vale' movie. If it's anything like his music/singing expect it to at least be original.

Digitalis have made available 20 copies of most of the releases from the Skull Bundle if you were unlucky enough to miss out on the set.

Oh, and for any MV & EE fans I have found digipack copies of the 'Unrock' live album are available here.

Time Lag
Wovoka - I & II (2LP)
Mountainhood - Wings from a storm (LP)
Mountainhood - Thunderpaint the stone horse electric (LP)

Champagne Diamond/Brilliant Light

Cloud Valley
Thoughts on Air / Xiphiidae - split
Calligraffitti of Fire - Mind Parasite
Sky Limousine - Relaxed Optimization

Dream Safari – Buried Mics
Body Morph – Centipedes
Mossy Throats – Cold Lunch
Dogbox tape
Body Collector – Acidic Maze b/w Cold Bred Scum
The North Sea – Electioneering
Human Compost – Foam Predator b/w Try Me
Birmingham Drains – Mutator Beach

Couple more new labels have popped up over the past few weeks;

Early Mourning Recordings set up by Guyute and already has 3 cassettes and a CDr to it's name. Two Guyute splits (w/ Soma Sniffer and Evelyn War) and releases from Jungle Book and The Four Horsemen.

Peyote Tapes set up by Nathan Young (one half of Ajilvsga) and has three cassettes releases already to its catalogue - Ajilvsga, Sorc’henn and The North Sea, all limited to 100 copies.

Twinsistermoon news:
New album, entitled 'The Hollow Mountain', will be released some point next month on Ultra Hard Gel. I'm unsure whether there will be pre-orders for it but I also doubt it will be hugely limited (don't believe any of their other releases have been) so you should have plenty of time to grab a copy.
However, if you have bought something from Dull Knife before you probably received an email about an LP edition. Limited to 105 copies and sold out already - probably 10-12 hours - this offer was only open to people on their list (so apologies for not informing anyone). Brent (Dull Knife) did this press with the intention of the records going direct to the people that want it so these will probably not be found easily.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate this may be a random place to comment on such trivial matters, but if you email me your address, I will ensure the pennies are saved...

Seems only fair to me! Hope you are well

Sam said...

You weren't supposed to share the email!

dharma bum said...

time-lag just listed their pair of mountainhood lp's.. and a double lp from wovoka, which i'm dyin to hear! both on their red records mini label, under 300 copies of each, so grab em while you can

disconcerted said...

Lex, email sent.

Sam, I didn't share the email or the link with anyone - I checked to make sure it was sold out before making any mention of it.
It was known 6 months ago that Ultra Hard Gel had a CD in the works from an NSB related project. And it's going to be slightly obvious there was an LP version of the release when info begins to appear on sites like Discogs and RateYourMusic.
If I have done wrong by giving the little information I have in this post then I apologise.

Dharma, nice one. Hadn't noticed those (although I couldn't afford them anyway). Will add to the list. Thanks.

captain groovy said...

great so now the people buying the impossibly rare NSB related releases are suppose to be just as secretive about it as the labels & band.Give me a break.Oh & thanks for the cool posts & updates as usual

disconcerted said...

It wasn't with the intention of being secretive, rather as a thank you to people that had supported the label directly in the past and to hopefully avoid the LPs ending up on ebay for ridiculous prices (by going direct to those would-be bidders).

The positive thing is surely that this album is getting a proper release (CD edition with bonus tracks) and should be quite easy to get hold of from some great shops/distros - listed on the UHG website.

mj said...

yes--i understand entirely Brent's intention with this 'secret' vinyl release. glad i was on the mailing list! i am usually not a mailing-list kind of guy, but something inside me told me to get on the Dull Knife list...

Anyone get their copy yet? i am hoping mine arrives before the weekend.

disconcerted said...

Nah not yet, probably a few weeks off - are they already posted?!

If only we had teleportation devices...

More than likely will be buying the CD version as well when that comes out, bonus tracks are a big pull.

mj said...

i thought there was just 1 bonus track. well i guess...if i hear it on the web and it turns out to be super good, i might snag the CD as well.

i think Brent said he had been shipping the LPs as early as Monday, so i am thinking they are already hitting mailboxes. i've been listening to Levels and Crossings and the new 7" in preparation. right now i am very much on the TSM wavelength!

mj said...

got my LP today! very pretty. the screening on the sleeve is nice and thick...and the booklet artwork is maybe some of Solange's finest work. well, maybe i'm just saying that because the booklet is 8" square. the Dance... artwork for the reissue would probably pretty spectacular in a larger printing. anyhow--it's gorgeous!

disconcerted said...

That's a good size (8" x 8") for insert artwork, I was expecting it to be a copy of the CD sleeve chucked in. Sounds like a lot of effort went into putting it out so I'm really looking forward to it.

Got the 7" through recently, really enjoyable but at the moment I wouldn't have minded if there were only 4 or 8 pages to the booklet and the record was half the price.

A couple of updates should be coming this weekend. I had another release update planned and then some exciting news came through (don't know if everyone else will feel the same, ie. don't get your hopes up too high) so I've been putting it off until it was official but if it doesn't come tomorrow it will have its own update.

Radio Free Burke said...

If anyone has this LP and needs $$$ please e-mail. I ordered from Dull Knife before but apparently that wasn't enough to get me on the secret list. Will pay good $ or trade... gutted about missing this. maxfisherburke [at] gmail [dot] com