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Monday, 6 April 2009

Ben Nash - Angels at 5

I don't know how many people out there know of Ben Nash's music, but I suspect quite a few. He's put out a load of EPs, a few splits and collaborations and one album - mostly self-released (or on his own Recollections of Knulp label) and through Blackest Rainbow.

'Angels at 5' is one of his earliest releases (2007) and put out in an edition of 40 cassettes. Personally it's not my favourite of his so I'll try and follow it up soon with some more but it has proved an extremely hard tape to find. It deserves to be heard and put out there for more fans to hear.

Ben Nash - Angels at 5
A. The Demise of J.C.
B1. Ruin What You Cherish
B2. Damned Child (rough rehearsal version)

Recorded with Chris Grey & Brett Womersley (both on Side B) in April/May 2007.


Anonymous said...

much thanks...this is one of his best

disconcerted said...

Glad you like it, took me quite a few listens to get into it whereas most of the more recent stuff grabs me straight away.