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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

MV & EE - Barn Joint

This is one of MV & EE's latest live releases, so apologies to the group - that in this case also involves Tom Carter and J. Mascis - for uploading it so soon. It was the hardest of the new ones to grab but Volcanic Tongue had a few and I had to nab it. You could probably email lunarmv[at]hotmail[dot]com to get a copy direct, so please do try and support these folks if you can.

MV & EE - Barn Joint

1. I Got Caves In There > The Burden (15:59)
2. Summer Magic (6:07)
3. Cold Rain > Environs (9:46)
4. Easy Livin' (6:29)

This one has polar opposites in sound, they're really relaxed, chilled and just tapping along with the song and then the next track they're roaring and chugging through with their instruments. It's a really great mix. Would highly recommend trying to track down a copy but you can obviously make up your own mind in about 40 minutes time.



captain groovy said...

thanks never saw this one.first thing i d.l. on my new Mac

dharma bum said...

i was able to grab one from Matt himself a few weeks back, along with some others.. and as i was upping the information to discogs, i had labeled it as a heroine release, to then realize there was no "e", and it was just herion.. heh, made me laugh, wonder if this is just a one off release or there's something "different" about "heroin" releases

but yea, that intro to "i got caves in there" is quite amazing, there's some different sorta sounding slide burst's (tom carter maybe?) underneath all the rest of that familiar reverb, and well, it's just got a real nice tone, hit me right i guess

disconcerted said...

Yeah, no idea what the label thing is about. I wondered if they were releasing it under the name 'Heroin Stash' at first.

There is a beautiful shimmering vibe with 'I got caves in there', almost sounds like there could be three guitars going. Completely agree with the tones, really nice stuff, and when it picks up a bit around the vocals. Wow.
It's quickly becoming one of my favourites from their live releases.

Hope you enjoy it Groovy. This was the one VT had that Eclipse didn't. Would be surprised if more weren't available.

l'animaux tryst said...

I opened for them at this show. Was kinda funny, only about 15 people in the whole place (I think that's why MV tells that Detroit bowling alley anecdote at the beginning of "Summer Magic"), and they were forced to end early due to a noise ordinance or security issues at the school or something. Anyway, MV & EE & co. played a real blissed-out first-half, and I think they were planning a huge noisy rocking full-band second-half (I'm guessing, based on the soundcheck) which got cut short. For some reason I remember Tom Carter playing mostly bass that night and J. on drums, but it definitely sounds like more than two guitars on the first three tracks (and no drums till the end). J. & Tom probably played guitar in the beginning. Hazy memories of those lunar travels that night... Thanks for sharing.

disconcerted said...

Maybe MV was on the main guitar, Erika on a lap steel and J adding some extra vibes with Tom plucking the bass?

Certainly doesn't sound a packed show, bit unfortunate but it sounds like you probably had a good evening, Matt. Any chance you have a recording of your set?

l'animaux tryst said...

Yeah, it's always a real sweet time with those folks... unfortunately I'm not much of a taper, and nobody's found it necessary to document Cursillistas shows at this point, so as far as I know there's no record of the set. It was a short one anyway (probably only 15 minutes) since it started late, a last-minute unannounced opening band was tacked on to the beginning, and I decided to end early to give MV & EE as much time as possible before the time-limit. They probably would've played for another hour if they could have. They really had some good grooves going.

dharma bum said...


when will i be able to have these tempra & cursillistas LP's be in my life? i need 'em!

l'animaux tryst said...

apologies, disconcerted, for a brief detour...

The Tempera LPs are at the pressing plant (taking longer than expected), but the Cursillistas LPs are at Time-Lag headquarters, waiting for the jackets to come back from the letterpress. We've still got some work to do on packaging, and both LPs will come packaged with a CD version of the album (which also have not arrived yet). Both are looking at a June 2nd release date if all comes together as planned.

disconcerted said...

More than happy to hear the news of those releases.