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Friday, 13 February 2009

New Releases

This year the releases are coming out in their droves and lots of them are selling out just as fast so here are some more that will probably be gone just as quick.

Goaty Tapes
Thurston Moore / Kommissar Hjuler und Mama Baer - Split (c44)
Ignatz - A Canine and a Kitten in the Car (c45)

Sacred Bones
The Pink Noise - Gold Light (7")
Max Elliott - The Nature o' Nature (7")
Spirit Photography - Time is Racing (7")
Gary War - Zontag (7")
Zola Jesus - New Amsterdam (CDR)

The Great Pop Supplement
Beach Fuzz (7")
The See See (7")

Color Dream - Darkslide on the Moon
Invasion Status / Pink Chunk Jass Band - The Listener
Chris Riggs (cassette)
Trauma - The Calming Effects of the Ocean vol. 2
Concrete Arteries / Polish Hex - Facial Spore
Sky Limousine - Midnight Heat
I'm Melting #1 (artbook and tape)

Entheogenic Records
Alex Murphy's Third Eye - Robotrippin' (CDR)
Dhoop Dreams Wildlife / Michael C - Split (c24)
Temicxoch / Crack House - Blue Lips (c16)
Kanye West's Cardigan - Dedicated to Myself (1 sided c20)

Now this one, I don't know how new it is but when you see if you'll know it was worth including.

Siwa Records has released a new 12" called 'Light' by Reiko and Tori Kudo. Limited to 200 and quite expensive ($30 US, $45 Europe/Asia) but probably cheap considering what it consists of.



LP being removed...



2000RUIDOS said...



Does anybody remember a long ago promise of a Reiko and Tori Kudo LP? Well it's done and starts shipping later this week. The vinyl is a one time pressing in a numbered edition of 200. I'll only have about 125 for sale so this will be available by direct mail order only. There will be a CD version to follow but for now I've got vinyl only. Photos, sound samples and ordering instructions can be found at http://www.siwarecords.com/Light.html. For the next couple of days there will be no internal links from the website to this page so mailing list subscribers have a head start on ordering/reserving copies. Reserved copies must be paid for within two weeks. The remaining Siwa back catalog is currently buried in a storage unit so at the moment this LP is the only title available from me. Drop me a line if you have any questions.

All the best,



disconcerted said...

Hadn't realised it was announced two months ago. Oh well. It is featured in the new issue of Wire and sounded amazing.