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Friday, 20 February 2009

Natural Snow Buildings - I Dream of Drone

Images of this release have appeared on discogs for a few months now and the fact it was made in an edition of just one copy means that very few have heard the complete set and the audio has been hard to track down. But now, thanks to paintsmarts (from discogs.com) all of them are in the realm of the internet.

Ripping and uploading these has left my computer virtually inoperable all day so forgive me if there turn out to be problems with the downloads as they've yet to be checked. All tracks have been freshly taken from CDs and are up in 192kbps mp3 format to keep the quality consistent and keep the hour long tracks under 100mb (100mb being mediafire's max upload).

Natural Snow Buildings - I Dream of Drone

Disc 1: Sung to the North (Students of Decay CDr)
1.01 At That Time It Was Always Winter (10:30)
1.02 The First Conjuror (59:42)
1.03 Sung To The North (9:28)

Part 1 Part 2

Disc 2: Gorgons (self-released, 2nd CD of the 'Night coercion...' set)
2.01 Gorgons (30:30)
2.02 Mirror Shield (21:06)

Disc 2

Disc 3: Battle Gods (unreleased)
3.01 Thunderbolt Stones (46:09)
3.02 Battle-Gods Worshippers (23:32)

Disc 3

Disc 4: Norns (unreleased)
4.01 Norns (30:26)
4.02 Radiant Maid Of The Underworld (21:31)

Disc 4 *Link seems to work now*

Disc 5: Between the Real and the Shadow (self released)
5.01 Ghost Path Toward Midgard (56:47)
5.02 Loki's Trick (22:07)

Part 1 Part 2

Thanks again to paintsmarts for the final pieces and to NSB for allowing the upload.

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captain groovy said...

you sir are my hero.Thank you so ever much.!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


2000RUIDOS said...

1 copy only?
and in discogs 2 members have that item...

i don´t know if there are 2 or 3 or only 1/2 copies,
but this is ridiculous,
NSB limited editions are a total joke,

they can listen their private music in their houses,
we don´t need their music

Danny said...

It's excellent that this is getting posted and such. The First Conjuror needs to be heard by everyone.

captain groovy said...

and as much as i love to hear this stuff NSB are ridiculous with their release #'s.Of course since i have pretty much got all their music & i've never paid for anything i suppose i don't care.How can i complain about free music? But i completely understand 2000RUIDOS point.I'm just amused not annoyed

mj said...

i don't understand it either... i just feel satisfied that i can usually acquire a copy before the releases go hopelessly OOP. really hope they do at least 300 of the LP from BRR. Joe was talking about it and saying he wanted to do more but the overhead is really high. plus that means he'd have to mail NSB their artist copies (probably around 60-90, if the total quantity is 300+), and that means mailing over 200 records from UK to France! Anyhow, hopefully it works out OK for everyone.

Thomas said...

hey it seems like the norns link isnt working -- can u fix it? thanks for posting this stuff - i love NSB and have been able to actually purchase only a small amount of it as it goes out of print immediately...

Thomas said...

great blog btw... keep up the good work

phil said...

oh wowowow - any chance of reupping the Norns link, as mediafire seems to be having a mare with it? cheers!

disconcerted said...

Sorry if links aren't working (I'm guessing servers are down?), check back on Sunday. I'll try and sort a few things out on the weekend as I'm a bit busy at the moment.

As for the numbers of this release, it was made for a friend - although from what I understand the copy is now in China - as a promo item. The discs were slowly getting released but they didn't have the intention of actually releasing these five discs as a set. No one on discogs has the item.

phil said...

sure thing - thanks for the extra info too.

sodastreamer said...



c said...

much thanks!

Ninamasina said...

thank you so much! I was looking for this so long...

disconcerted said...

No problem at all, Anna. Glad you stopped by.

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't happen to have a nice and big scan of the I Dream Of Drones cover artwork would you? The pic on discogs is so small. If yes, let me know and I will leave you my e-mail, or better yet, put it up on your blog (large size)

disconcerted said...

To my knowledge the pictures on discogs page are the only images of the set on the net. I don't know the person that owns it to ask for higher quality images either, unfortunately.

Dylan Petrucci said...

great thanks i love Natural Snow Buildings

dr silence said...

Many thanks!