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Monday, 2 February 2009

Matthew Dell (aka Matt Valentine / MV) - Glorious Group Therapy

Matthew Dell - Glorious Group Therapy

This was an early release from MV, somewhere around '97/98 when he was playing with the Tower Recordings. His first solo release put out in two small editions on James Toth's (Wooden Wand) Polyamory label and later put to wax thanks to Ecstatic Yod (an Ecstatic Peace incarnation).
I managed to get this off ebay with no info about it other than it was early alias and release from MV, and after much searching I narrowed it down to being the first edition of the tape. This was a single sided tape unlike the second edition (according to discogs.com) and thankfully arrived sounding as good as new so this is a nice, clean rip.

Matthew Dell - Glorious Group Therapy (cassette)

Track Listing:
1. Feel... the Music
2. A Reasonable Guide to Embryonic Serenity
3. Ceremony Without
4. Riverboat aw-go-go
5. Lungong
6. Go Down Young Hanna Wired to the Flowers Psychic 78 Sound



Anonymous said...

on my blog http://therealnittygritty.blogspot.com/
i have posted over 40 Matt Valentine & Erika Elder related e.p's & albums.I'm working on posting their entire catalog.That includes all the limited to 99 copies C.O.M & Heroin Celestrial Agriculture stuff.Any fans should check it out.I've made it to The Bummer Road era.Saw them in concert tonight & it was great.Just picked up the new cassette

disconcerted said...

That's going to take some time!
Do you own everything they've put out? It looks an impressive collection so far.

Anonymous said...

i think i have everything but one or two.And yes it is alot.And they are always adding limited cdr's to it

disconcerted said...

Tell me about it! The annoying thing is most of them are worth hearing, if they weren't life could be much cheaper.

l'animaux tryst said...

Oh man... thanks for sharing this. Had no idea it existed, and it's effectively blissed-out my morning at the office. Peace!

disconcerted said...

No problem at all. It was a lucky find as it wasn't very well listed but the same person later sold pretty much their whole discography (including a Qbico art edition of 'Creek to creation'). Glad you're enjoying it, Matt.

dharma bum said...

man! hopefully ya'll, or someone here can help me, i recently received this record in CD form as an extra gift thrown in with the 2nd C.O.M release "Burning one with god" that i won off ebay as well. the cover is the exact same composition as the design you posted, yet the music on the blank CDR that came with it is nothing like any of the music on your hosted version of Glorious Group, or even any Matt Valentine tunes in general.

I sent a message to the seller and asked if it was the right disc sent and he said it was, and that it was a re-release of the cassette version (the one you posted). yet the CD that i got includes 13 songs, not 10. either way, it's some pretty far out music with strange elements throughout. i've been on a hunt to find out what it really is, and just decided to take advantage of this talk goin on here about the real "Glorious Group.." and maybe get some input from you guys.. here's a zip of what i received housed in the normal artwork of Glorious Group Theropy by Matthew Dell..


disconcerted said...

Sorry, can't open that zip folder. I think it is something to do with the quotation marks, PCs don't allow you to title folders with most symbols for some reason and they can't be helpful and just re-title them to get around any problems.

Does sound an odd one though. Have only ever known of the album going to 10 tracks.

dharma bum said...

ah, my apologies.. here's a re-up without quotations, tested it out and should work this time round..


disconcerted said...

Thanks a lot, downloading it now but I really don't know if I'll be of any help. Hopefully someone else will come along and know the answer.

disconcerted said...

Nope, no idea sorry. Doesn't sound like anything I've heard from him before either and doesn't sound anything like either version of this album (vinyl re-release is downloadable here).

Very strange if it has the same cover art.