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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Barrabarracuda - Draft Dodging Sexual Vietnam

Barrabarracuda - Draft Dodging Sexual Vietnam (For Gabe & Pete)

This was released a couple of years back on Green Tapes (#22). No idea how many copies there were or how long it took to sell them all but I'm sure it was a tiny number in answer to both unknowns. Does that make sense? I'm shattered and going to bed, but here are some rips for you to enjoy (wav and mp3) - I thought you may not want to download 24mb for 3 minutes.

Barrabarracuda were/are Manda (Knit Witch) and Britt Brown (Robedoor, Knit Witch, The Insaniacs, Quintana Roo) and Roy. Their only album, 'Abasement Tapes', was released on Not Not Fun and also well worth checking out if you can.

Anyway, the tape...

Side A - Draft dodging sexual vietnam(for gabe and pete)
Side B - Wise incisors

Proper good stuff, or in Green Tapes own words, "this shit is off the hook".

320kbps Mp3 (5.5mb)

(sorry for not responding to posts last few days, will try to tomorrow - and hopefully a re-up of the 'V' NSB cassette on the weekend)


Anonymous said...

thanks for planning to re-up the V tape. i really, really appreciate everything you've made available. i'm exited to listen to daughter of darkness in it's entirety.

Anonymous said...

i have a request...

do you have/do you think you could find the album The Artist Revealed Is Taralie Dawn by Tar Pet ??

i've been wanting to hear her solo stuff for so long and i just haven't been able to. thanks if you can find it, and i totally understand if you can't.

disconcerted said...

I've never even heard of it, sorry.