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Monday, 1 March 2010

Scott Wells - Day Songs

The brief lull has ended. My net providers apparently upgraded the line and were having small problems causing connection to be lost after short periods of time. It has meant though that I have been able to line a couple of things up for future posts. Certainly not going to go overboard but there should be things like a follow up to the Lily album and that vague promise of a part two of Voice of the Seven Woods rarities fulfilled.

This is going to be a long one...

Scott Wells - Day Songs

"A really lovely suite of electric guitar from the floating world. No idea what's happening here, but Well's delicate touch of the strings generates a soft focus sound that's brimming with shiny harmonics and flecks of metallic gold. The only let down here is that at 20 minutes running time, this disc feels like it's just getting going when it comes to an end. Looking forward to hearing more from this one"

This EP goes best with a bit of concentration. If you get distracted it will flitter away. It also deserves a good amount of volume to capture the gentle string grinding and the brief taps of percussion, to accentuate everything above the underlying buzz and to fully appreciate Wells' swells.

Like the Golden Retriever release out on Root Strata at the same time - another well worth tracking down - this was limited to 100 copies and sold out in about a day.
I stupidly ripped the tracks as untitled - titles iTunes generated - and forgot to change them so replace them with the RS titles if you want:

1. Day Song 1
2. Day Song 2
3. Day Song 3
4. Day Song 4

As always, 320kbps mp3.

*Removed by request


I apologise if you find some of these have sold out in the passed week.

A couple of youtube videos to start things off:
The first is now one earthquake behind but still a more than worthy cause to support. It's a cover of 'I put a spell on you' put together by Shane MacGowan (The Pogues) and is a charity single for Haiti featuring Nick Cave, Chrissie Hynde, Bobby Gillespie, Paloma Faith - who actually sounds pretty good in this mix - and Johnny Depp (on guitar) as well as a few others.

Second is a trailer for a documentary about Travis Bean guitars. Not sure when, or if, this is going to get completed but guitar fans should take a look.

I know I won't be the only one excited by this: Caleb & Colleen, aka Dontrustheruin / Big Blood, have opened a store on Etsy (here) where you can buy all of their releases. All just $8 as well! Be sure to check it out. They also have LPs due out on Time-Lag, Digitalis and Dull Knife at some point and on their blog they mention tapes are due in the near future.

Earjerk: The Big Drum in the Sky Religion - Sha^ri Va'ri
Guzzo Pinc - The Sea
Second Family Band - Get Me By
Tricorn & Queue - Straits of Maize
Annapurna Illusion - Heat of the Fire, Heat of the Sun

Under the Spire: Jasper TX - A Voice From Dead Radio

Dull Knife: Balaclavas - Roman Holiday
Lamps - Niels Bohr

If you're a writer, Chunklet are looking for people to contribute to their next book. I do hope they create some more editions of the magazine in the future.

Whilst on the subject of publications, there is a three page piece on Pitchfork about cassettes (here) and a good article titled 'Articulate Silences, Ambient Sounds #1' at Drowned in Sound that is very much based around Type Records (here).

Tchantinler: Voice of the Seven Thunders - s/t (vinyl edition)

Goaty Tapes: Russian Tsarlag - Unleash the Chain
El Jesus De Magico - Ragtime Hors
La Danse Du Sperme (Hellvete, Edgar Wappenhalter, Bart Sloow, Silvester Anfang)
Street Drinkers - Circles
Uke of Spaces Corners - Albumen / Ovum (re-issue)
Banana Head Diary: BJ Vacuum Wax (book)

Milieu Music: Coppice Halifax - Halifaxian
Milieu - Reverb Microcoma
Brian Grainger - Entasis

Three Lobed Recordings has an astounding line-up planned for a digital Jack Rose tribute. It should be out in the next couple of weeks and will contain 6 and a half hours of music for $15 with all money going to his estate.

Digitalis Limited (check distros): Blue Sabbath Black Fiji - Wankers
Sacred Basil - Tuvan Annex
Celer - Rags of Contentment
Altar Eagle - Vintage Cats
S.R. Hess - Demise
Pine Smoke Lodge - Twelve Faces of the Smoke Mask
Dylan Ettinger - Interstellar Pleasures
Holy Family - Anoint

Caff/Flick: Peter's House Music

Apollolaan Recordings: Gish / Perry - I'm Afraid I Ate Too Much Butter As A Youth

Arbor: Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - Bloodstream Sermon
Brett Naucke - Southern California
Copper Glove - Surviving the Garden of Hate
Pale Blue Sky - Shades of Gray
Ryan Garbes - Real Sugar

2:00AM Tapes: Flesh Coffin - In The Woods
Abortion Focus Group - MW
CDRX + TAKLAMAKAN - Sulphuric Lake / Ispod Zemljine Kore
Ophibre - Untitled Drones for Iron Oxide
A Vibrant Struggle - Soft Illusions

905 Tapes: Steve Kenney - Outside the Circles of Time
Teeth Collection - 905.101
2673 - When the sinew is cut, the limbs soon relax
Andrew Coltrane / Wether - Split

Release the Bats: Altar of Flies - Förruttnelsen
Blessure Grave / Lust for Youth - split

Free Women in Tragedy downloads here

Night People: Broken Water - Whet (LP)

Reverb Worship: Lunar Miasma - Mirror Squares

Assophon Records (email): Eddy Detroit - Immortal God's

House of Alchemy: A Vibrant Struggle - Black Hole Meditations
Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides - All Cows Are Sacred
Nick Hoffman - Silent Island
Wasteland Jazz Unit - Shivering Reflections


Anonymous said...

Did Scott himself tell you to take it down? It's sold out at both Root Strata and Aquarius. Don't see why it should be taken down. If he can direct us somewhere that still has copies, I'd be happy more than happy to buy it.

disconcerted said...

No, not from Scott but from the label. I'm told that they have digital distribution deals with some shops - not sure who (physical copies are my personal preference and I don't ever check digital stores).

Anonymous said...

Fair enough. That's a bummer though.

Anonymous said...

kinda lame that JCL asked you to take it down given that he runs three (count 'em, THREE) blogs that do not necessarily focus on OOP releases. also a bummer, because i would have liked to have heard this and am never going to pay for some intangible digital download.