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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

New Qbico

No doubt all of these are worth checking out, but they will cost you anywhere from £71 to £255 plus postage.

Conrad Schnitzler - Silver

Peter Kowald - Bass solo

Hartmut Geerken/John Tchicai - The Kabul & Teheran tapes

Thomas Borgmann/Wilber Morris/Reggie Nicholson - Live at Tunnel

Maurizio Abate - Armonicum

Each of those will cost you between £11 and £19 (the latter price being for the Geerken and Abate releases). And there is of course the box set, or bagged set in this case.

The set at the end will cost you £210 (limited to the usual 26) and that doesn't come with the Maurizio Abate LP, so you could spend an extra £45 on top of that if you bought the handmade edition.

Qbico Records

The Abate LP may appear on here at some point in the future. Unfortunately can't afford to buy any of the others at the moment.
And also keep an eye out for new Troglosound releases in the next couple of months. They should be spectacular.

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