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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Natural Snow Buildings - Daughter of Darkness

"Over 6 hours from this French duo, multi-instrumental psyche ridden jams. 3 x C90s, 2 x C60s. EPIC to say the least, and totally killer. Pro dubbed cassettes. Artwork by the band. Limited to only 150 copies."

This is going to be absolutely mental. The pre-order has already sold out from Blackest Rainbow but some are due to appear at places like Boa Melody Bar, Tomentosa and Eclipse (all the usual haunts I'd guess). Limited to just 150 copies so if you missed out you best get your skates on when they appear - no idea what proportion have been sold to distros.
There is also due to be a sixth tape in the series (but titled part 5) released in the next few weeks.

You could argue that last year belonged to NSB but this year they're clearly going to be pushing it one step further. Bring it on!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the heads up! where did you hear bout this if you dont mind me askin'?

disconcerted said...

Found out about the tapes about a month ago but there was a mail out from Blackest Rainbow yesterday about a pre-order (sold out in a few hours). £21 UK, £24 US (Europe somewhere in between). I believe they're still at least a week off, but keep an eye on the updates from distros. I'm sure if you email BR he can give you a bit more info on where will have copies.

Anonymous said...

thanks- will ask blackest rainbow when they go out- i enjoy all the music you have put up, thanks! i love findin blogs w/ similar music interests- kinda funny bout the money bein spent for the mississippi tapes? wish i would of been on top of it, seein that i live here in the great city of portland- oh well, there is a sense of sleazyness to makin money off of other peoples music- not to mention the label? thanks again-

disconcerted said...

Yeah there is but you never know the reasons behind selling these things and if that person sells them on for cheap then the buyer may go on to sell them at a huge profit. Unfortunate but usually true.

Might be worth making a trip to the shop if it's nearby, someone on the Root Blog said they only cost $3! They may still have some left and they're really good.

Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it.