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Friday, 23 January 2009

The Future

Two things in this post regarding the future; the first being things I hope to make posts on (as a reminder to myself as much as anything) and the second is future releases/purchases (hopefully).

Matthew Dell (Matt Valentine, MV) - Glorious Group Therapy (cassette version)
Barrabarracuda - Draft Dodging Sexual Vietnam (cassette single)
Annelies Monsere - Untitled (cassette)
Machingbyrd - Road to Forbidden Ecstacy (vinyl)
Ian Watson & Mark Jolliffe - Leaf Skeleton (3" CD)
Lightning Strike Lightning - Turn Myself Into the Ocean (CDR)

Maybe some OOP Sloow Tapes or Digitalis Limited and some slightly different style releases as well.

Twinsistermoon 7" (Dull Knife)
Boduf Songs lathe 7" (5MA)
Pistil Cosmos (Stunned)
MV & EE - Drone Trailer (Di Cristina)

Can't think at the moment, more will probably be added.

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