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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Zelienople / Donato Epiro / Entertainment for the Braindead / Endless Endless Endless

Four albums. A couple of these were sent to me - I am slowly getting around to listening to emailed albums - and the other two were stumbled upon. The titles are the links to download pages for a change.
There will be a couple more of these style posts in the near future.
No updates this weekend as there haven't been any (as of yet) to pass on. I've added in a small text box below the title picture for any mid-post edits, the blog posts and Cbox will be used as normal. If you downloaded the Sveriges Kommuner & Landsting album and couldn't extract the third track, it's downloadable here.

Zelienople - Old City

Got a fast internet connection or a deep love of Zelienople? Then head over to their site. They have a half hour long track, 'Old City', up for your enjoyment. Be warned, especially if you were planning to just stream the song, the song is in wav format and is 288mb!
Worth checking out if you can. I would convert it down and upload it but I don't want to tread on their toes. It does sound beautiful.

Donato Epiro - Sounding the Sun

This came out on Stunned Records in October last year (#52). The artwork from the label always reminds me that I haven't got anywhere near enough of their releases - definitely needs to be regular UK distro stock - and this album from Donato Epiro just adds more weight to that argument.
A real smorgasbord of sounds going on in this one. Cursillistas and PWHMOBS both come to mind. Add in some sections of Maurizio Abate-esq percussion and field recordings and you'll be close. Actually, scrap that, it's still not covered. Here's what Stunned said:

"Italian psych magician Donato Epiro aims his wand in all directions of the acoustical field, doing his best chameleon’s dance with drums, flute, chanting, and strings. An impressive dynamism is in play when Donato takes his bonfire percussion & fluttering raga loops, then swiftly braids them down to stilled passages of minimalist vibration"

Just spotted copies available at Tomentosa.

Entertainment for the Braindead - Roadkill

Discovered this artist whilst on the French blog, Unsung (a blog well worth checking - I don't speak much French either).
A girl from Germany playing folk tunes. If, like me, you're a folk fan at heart then I'd definitely recommend taking a listen. She has released the album on Aaahh Records as a stream or free download (mp3 or ogg) with the option to donate an amount of your choosing or buy a CD.

Endless Endless Endless - Things I Saw

This was out on Kimberly Dawn just a couple of months ago. The guys, Brett and James, sent over their 'Black Talisman' disc last year (here) and have kindly followed it up with this one.
'Black Talisman' surprised me a little, with the description including the word 'Nintendo'. I still detest that 8-bit stuff that was doing the rounds a couple of years back but Endless (x3) have relaxed my fears of possible future promos including those words/phrases.

Endless Endless Endless rip through your fragile psyche to reveal a multifaceted world of pure color and tone. This east coast duo wields guitars, gameboy, and vocals to create their own unique drifting dream world of pure discovery.

This, for me, is a step up from 'Black Talisman'. I just wonder what happened to 'East'...

Thanks to the videos currently on Message To Our Folks I've had, and still have, Beefheart stuck in my head. This, taken from his 'Clear Spot' record, plays out the 9 minute 'Vinyl Lovers' video. A near flawless song.

"I've got too much time to be without love"


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting track 3 from Sveriges Kommuner & Landsting. Sounds like a trippier version of Kebnekaise. Great, great stuff.

Mega-thanks also for the Jooklo-related music you've been posting. Much appreciated.


disconcerted said...

Yeah, definitely similarities.
No idea who makes up SK&L so maybe there are even some direct connections?

Going to have to get back to sending out / replying to emails and ask about the one due in 10 days.

No problem with the Jooklo stuff. They have a North American tour lined up for next month (dates here) so maybe a US-based blogger or two will have new videos or albums soon.
There were rumours of a possible collaboration LP with Burnt Hills if they toured the States again. Maybe they will happen?

Anonymous said...

link to Jooklo concert posters


New York 4/14
San Francisco 4/21

disconcerted said...

The black & vibrant blue for the Brooklyn poster is perfect. Troglosound do some excellent designs.

Junko said...

Thank you (again)! By the way, I am planning to provide an English version of my posts. I will start with the oldest ones and it will progressively get fully translated, even if I am not fluent in english.

disconcerted said...

Haha, don't cave to we ignorant English speakers! Really good blog you have.

If I spoke another language I'd just leave links to Google Translate and Babel Fish.

Translating is definitely a good way to learn a new language though.