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Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Forgot to click 'post' with this. I've added in a couple more that have come since the weekend and there are a few of the Record Store Day releases down the bottom that may be of some interest - I figured The Cribs and Bullet For My Valentine wouldn't interest many so it's an edited down list.

La Société Expéditionnaire: Jusdson Claiborne - Time And Temperature

Time Lag Records: Stephen David Heitkotter - Heitkotter

Weird Forest: Buk Buk Bigups - s/t
Grouper - Wide (re-release pre-order)

8mm Records: Bill Nace - Too Dead for Dreaming

Ikuisuus: Monks of Malaspina - Volume One
Color Rabbit / Tretetam - Split
Claypipe / Pony Payroll Bones / Balder - Split
Renato Ciufrini & Bob Marsh - Rosa
Book of Shadows - Prayer Wheel

Tired Trails: Stone Baby - Leap into the Void and Drift
Sunken Landscapes - Transparent Sea

Digitalis: Acre - Sacrifice
J. Hanson - Boolean Blues

Housecraft: Samsara Vista - Miner in a Pit of Fire

Wah Wah Records has re-issued records by Between, Embryo, Jarka, Om and Ia Batiste in the last couple of weeks. Saw some of these arrive at Norman Records and Guerssen, no doubt others have also been stocking them.

Reverb Worship: The Big Drum In The Sky Religion / Noz Diloar / Mark Bradley - Chronological
Hayaken - Jugti
Lunar Miasma - Mirror Squares

Not Not Fun: Dylan Ettinger - New Age Outlaws
Pocahaunted - Make It Real
Edibles - Super Space / Mind Peace
Gnod - Science & Industry
Also a Pocahaunted t-shirt, an LA Vampires cassette single and Topping Bottoms - P.A.R.T.S. over in the Random Section of the site.

Blackest Rainbow: Cam Deas - Blind Chance
Aritomo - Fearful Sunshine Filtering Through Foliages (re-issue)

Keep an eye on Vulpiano Records over the next couple of weeks as they will be releasing - looks to be a free digital release - a new Natural Snow Buildings album titled 'The Centauri Agent'. Will no doubt update on this one.

Moondial: Deep Magic - Levitation

Audio.MER: Frederik Croene - Le Piano Démécanisé

Hundebiss: Mudboy - Impossible Duets
Francesco Cavaliere - Neverending Somersault
Aaron Dilloway - Lip Syncing To Verme

Smeraldina Rima: Panicsville - A Dragonfly For Each Corpse
Nate Wooley - Trumpet / Amplifier
Peeesseye + Talibam! (CD edition available from Invada Records)

Boondock Pissoir: Second Family Band - Nandi
Second Family Band - Naked Ladies & Dragons
Second Family Band - Jerusalem
Vosellglaas - 3 Lieder von Space
Ye Uphall Knyte Fryars - Psychedelic Underground Vol. 1
Meen Mistreeter - Side 3 (for T.K.)
Meen Mistreeter - Now that the roast beef's gone

I've tried picking out a few of the Record Store Day releases that may interest some readers of this blog (format and edition in parenthesis):
Flaming Lips – Dark Side Of The Moon (LP, /500)
Neu! – Crazy / Euphoria (12" single, /500)
The Album Leaf - There Is A Wind (12" single, remixes)
Dum Dum Girls / Male Bonding - Split (7")
The Fall – ‘ury / Cowboy Gregorie (/750)
Wooden Shjips – What it is / Buddy (7", /300)
V/A - 4AD compilation (12")

The list this information was stolen from can be found on the Drowned in Sound board. Not sure if these are just UK promos or for the whole world.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting, Sveriges Kommuner & Landsting, "Spelar." It is an amazing piece of music.

Unfortunately, Track 3 is corrupt. Any chance you could re-up that track? Much appreciated.


disconcerted said...

I'll try and get that sorted tomorrow.

The zip folders have done that a couple of times now. Will make sure to do an unzip test before uploading stuff in the future.

Glad you like it.
The new artwork on their myspace is a great re-imagination - hopefully the next album artwork?
The tracks suggest it might be a re-release? Will have to send an email and find out.

disconcerted said...