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Sunday, 29 November 2009

Fuzzy Lights (early triple)

Three early EPs from this Cambridge (UK) duo. Well, now they're a five piece but in 2004/05 there were only two official members of the group.

Fuzzy Lights - In Silence We Weep (2004)

This was their debut release - a two track, 3" CD. I don't believe there were any overdubs on this release, just the two of them playing live. The guitarist, Xavier Watkins, makes the most of the loop pedal and the violinist, Rachel Allison, adds appropriately to his base with screeches and melodies.

"Minimal post rock duo from Cambridge reminding you how post rock can still be rewarding if treated with a gentle hand and just the right amount of tension and release." Faded Words

1. No Signal - Help!
2. Picture Thoughts


Fuzzy Lights - Improvised Series #1 (2005)

The first edition of the improvised series came with the idea of an added member to the core of Xavier and Rachel. In this instance they invited along a drummer, Julien Verlant.
The post-rock nature of their music is obvious in this recording but the basic builds aren't as synchronised due to the improvised approach.
The first track sounds like instrumental Low for the first half and then the drummer begins to force the energy release and the guitar catches on.
The second track takes a more avant-garde approach but by halfway has settled to a heavy rock riff with the violin attempting to capture the essence of Steve Reich.
Track three is really the peak of the post-rock track. Somehow the violin begins to sound like a saxophone and the drums become engulfed in the overdriven guitar chords. A bit of an unconventional track that alone I think I would love but it feels slightly out of sorts on this release.


Fuzzy Lights - Improvised Series #2 (2006)

Interestingly the additional musician to the second, and last (unless more are to come?) instalment of their improvised series features a viola, played by Nikki Moran, alongside the guitar and violin duo.
In the last two releases where the guitar was the main mover of the music in the first of these two tracks the classical strings take the dominant position. Towards the end you get the impression that the guitarist was feeling threatened and he comes over the top.
The second piece is led out by the guitar and for the first couple of minutes sounds a bit disjointed with an East meets West tinge. Actually, it rarely really comes together in perfect harmony. Without knowing the title of the disc you would come to the conclusion that it was improvised.


Around this time last year Fuzzy Lights released their first proper album and they also have copies of a 2006 EP avaiable from the Fuzzy Lights Website.

Singing Knives have released a digital compilation - available here (along with track listing).

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Fater Disks: Nicolash - Nicolage I

Type Records has re-released Johann Johannsson's 'And In The Endless Pause There Came The Sound Of Bees'. Currently available from Boomkat and should be elsewhere this week.

Blackest Rainbow is trying to clear a few things so check the Rarities section of their website.

Quiet week, no?

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