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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Golden Cup - Kaleidopea

This landed on my doormat today, and usually that means waiting a couple of weeks before considering ripping it but this is a beauty and it is already sold out direct from Digitalis Ltd (should be available from some of these distros soon: Tomentosa, Boa Melody Bar, DNT, Discriminate, Eclipse, I would guess 8mm may also get a few).

Golden Cup - Kaleidopea

For a moment, when the latest batch of Digi Ltds were announced I thought Brad had begun introducing bootleg re-issues of old OOP Japanese LPs. However, it wasn't long until I was corrected. The description suggested nothing of the sort and it was soon pointed out that the group I was thinking of was The Golden Cups. Golden Cup is a project I feel I should have known about as it is a solo project of Jooklo collaborator (specifically a core member of Golden Jooklo Age) and 8mm Records owner, Luca Massolin. Swiftly I gave myself a smack upside the head and ordered up a copy. And here is it.

"kaleidopea" is as accomplished as golden cup has ever been. chattering walls of synth debris find the perfect balance between foreign and familiar leading you down diamond paths. just when it feels like everything is closing in around you, massolin breaks out the guitar and you're in a different place entirely.things really cook as the inimitable sachiko adds her voice to the mix. again, it's all in the balance.

on the flipside, hypnotic synth underpinnings are the perfect canvas for massolin's delay-strewn guitar and sachiko's incredible voice. as the synth repeats over and over it leaves plenty of room for the guitar and voice to interact and suck you under. it's disjointed enough to keep you from totally drifting away, each off-kilter moment snapping you back to reality, but overall the effect is pretty goddamn mesmerising. eventually we all settle down and get lost in the waves. unbelievable.
Digi Ltd

Limited to 80 copies and featuring Sachiko (Sloow Tapes, Utech and soon audioMER - see below). Only around 18 minutes long but definitely recommended.

Only two tracks but I'm not 100% on either title. These two are the indicated on the insert.

A. Madrigale Masico
B. Ursa Maior

But. The B-side is also named 'Ursula Maior' further down the insert and 'Ursa Major' on the Digi page, the page that also names the A-side 'Madrigale Magico'. I've gone with the insert titles but thought it was worth pointing out they may be incorrect.


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captain groovy said...

thanks dude great stuff!!

disconcerted said...

No problem at all.
Really great release.

Forgot to include in the post that the new Zelienople record is available from Boomkat. Comes with a bonus CD - 'Gone' soundtrack - that is rather good. The album is streamable on Type Records.

Also, the Big Blood that was due up on Digitalis Ltd has been cancelled. But, and it's a good but, instead there will be a 2LP release on Digitalis.

And Jooklo are doing some performances in St. Etienne from 24-27 November.