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Friday, 17 July 2009

Autolux & Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood

No, there wasn't a record made between the two groups. These are just two releases that have been requested recently and thought I may as well put them up for more to hear.

Autolux - Live at KEXP (promo 7")

This was given away by Insound.com in 2004 with pre-orders of 'Future Perfect'. Maybe some were also sent out to other shops but I can't ever remember seeing anywhere else mentioning it. Just a two track record featuring songs from the aforementioned album.

A. Plant Life
B. Asleep At The Trigger


Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood - EJE

This was released in October of last year in an edition of 66 copies. I've just noticed this afternoon that there are still copies available to purchase as well for just $7 (including postage) so please, consider supporting the label (link below).
BOTOS have done some blinders in the past on the usual labels - Students of Decay, Root Strata, Time Lag, Digitalis - but also put out a load of material on their own label MYMWLY (Music your mind will love you) out in Australia. They're a brother and sister duo, Michael & Kristina Donnelly, and you may be familiar with Michael's music as part of 6magik6 and Terracid.

Buy / Download

Goaty Tapes: Cro Magnon / Circuit des Yeux / Bird - split
Bone Patrol U.S. / Varlet Tarsod - split (members of Dead Luke, Peaking Lights, Jerkwave tapes)
Caethua / Ancestral Diet - split (members of Uke of Spaces, Flak Mask, Impractical Cockpit)
Blobs - Hey Hello (Orphan Fairytale and Dolphins into the Future collaboration)
Edgar Wappenhalter - Spuiglavementen

Vanishing Hour Revival: Xiphiidae - Waning in Archaic Color Sequence
Antigua Ibis - Bisected by Ravines
Zebulon - Webolo

Big sale going on over at Release the Bats.

Reverb Worship: Mizuumi - Motion
Sproatly Smith - The Yew & The Hare
The Spirit Dies - Death Notes

Apparently this has been out for almost a couple of months already, new Makoto Kawabata ('Tales of the Dream Planet') on House Pig Records.

And lastly, Captured Tracks have a few copies of the Acoustic Family Creeps (Woods) bootleg 12". Only four tracks and one sided - for $22 to the UK that's too steep for me, but they're sure to go quick.

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