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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Kawabata Makoto - Kiss Me Goodbye / Subjection of Drone

A little bit of exciting news that has officially emerged this week; Peasant Magik has confirmed the eight 3" CD box set for the end of August. Groups/musicians involved include Big Blood, Gregg Kowalsky, Natural Snow Buildings, The North Sea, Valerio Cosi, Fabio Orsi, Super Minerals, Throuroof, Andrew Paine and Pillars of Heaven. You've got to assume Cosi and Orsi will be doing one of the joint discs, not sure about the other.
It had been on the Peasant Magik myspace page for quite a while (as PM50) but with a line up like that I honestly wasn't expecting it to happen, it's too good.
When I find out more info on it I'll put it up.

Two Kawabata releases here from 2008. Haven't seen either of these appear online yet and his new disc on House Pig (slightly disappointing) inspired me.

'Kiss Me Goodbye' was released in October last year on Apollolaan Recordings in the UK in an edition of 80.

"Beauiful new CDR of bubbling, trickling drones from the Acid Mothers man. This is even gentler than the "Inui" releases, but no less psychedelic for it. Really lovely and strange."(alt vinyl)

1. Slobbery Kiss Good Morning
2. Sensual Kiss Goodnight


'Subjection of Drone' was released just a month later on Reverb Worship - another UK based label - in an edition of 100 copies.

"'Subjection Of Drone' is a solo improvised 'live' recording from a performance at Music Japonica in Osaka,Japan on 4th October 2008.The cd features one long track which flows in different segments starting off with ethereal jazz styled technique then into bowed string playing,then multitracked drone,followed by glissando styled effects finishing off with ever increasing guitar noise.The piece comes to an abrupt end followed by polite applause." (label description)

1. Subjection of Drone


New Releases:

Reverb Worship: Gnod - Wuste Zeremonie

Plus Tapes have a huge batch of eight or nine tapes announced.

Noticed this week Norman Records listed the new Bobby Beausoleil 4LP box set as available, so if you have the money it's time to start searching the usual distros.

Blackest Rainbow: Spill - Where You Aren't
MV & EE - Road Trips (box set), very near shipping

Black Eagle Child: Black Eagle Child - Two Days
W.A. Munson - Controlled Wave

Near Passerine Devotionals (email): Ajilvsga - The Muddy Banks of the Arkansas (LP)

Insound: Richard Hell - Destiny Street Repaired (LP)

Milieu Music: Milieu - Swaying Palms
Coppice Halifax - Submarine Green
Coppice Halifax & Foamek - Lush Q Trax III
Coppice Halifax & Foamek - Lush Q Trax 3.1
Brian Grainger - Tortoiseshell & Other Improvisations

Ikuisuus: Silk Urns / Sand Rattle - Split
Strongly Imploded - Why Use A Proxy

Dust Wind Tales has a bit of a sale going on (free release with every order).

What's with the ridiculously high prices of NSB releases on discogs? Just checked the other day and people are asking for insane amounts - could probably get some things for under half the price on ebay, and that's really saying something.


captain groovy said...

thanks for the Makoto albums.I underwent subjection of drone from Kawabata at Terrastock last year.It was the most punishing over the top solo guitar drone i'd ever heard.It literally chased me from the room.

disconcerted said...

Haha. All I'm picturing now is a giant ghostly hand appearing and trying to claw you back into the room.

Was going to rip the Blackest Rainbow LP as well but didn't have the time in the end.

CabinFloor said...

Agreed on Kawabata destroying at Terrastock last year. I talked to him later that night about it and he said that part of the performance is that the extreme high pitches break down the inner ear a bit causing you to hear it differently. Wild stuff.

Anonymous said...


The A Band
"Andrew Lloyd Webber/An Ole Crab"
(Apollolaan Recordings)

"Major archival unearthing from one of the key transitional free music groupings to come out of the UK underground. The A Band were an amorphous collective of pranksters, musicians, improvisers, stand-up comics, fire-breathers and English eccentrics who played free music well outside of any idiomatic styles or previously codified modes, thus building a bridge from the experiments of previous generations the SME, AMM and – particularly – Terry Day’s People Band to the kind of liberated rock-informed explorations of freeform instigated by Vibracathedral Orchestra, Richard Youngs and countless contemporary underground operatives. Both Youngs and Neil Campbell were on/off members of the group alongside key players like Stewart Walden, Jim Plaistow, Stream Angel and Sticky Foster. This excellent archival double disc set (over the years there have been scattered documents released by labels like Siltbreeze and Chocolate Monk) presents two complete and previously unreleased performances. One disc is drawn from a gig at The Adelphi, Leeds, on 24th July 1992 and features the line-up of Jim, Neil, Stream, Stewart, Andrea and Dave, while the other is a recording of their appearance at Nottingham’s Rock & Reggae Festival on 25th July 1992 with a line-up of Jim, Stream, Tim, Andy, Jon, Stewart, Dave and Matt Marks. The set is packaged in a hard plastic slipcase, with both discs packaged in card folders decorated by stickers donated by members of the band. It also comes with a collage of photos from the Nottingham gig and a poster for the event. An amazing document from a time when ‘noise’ was joyous, eccentric, liberating, celebratory and genuinely subversive. Highly recommended."


Anonymous said...

Amazing release and band (and wonderful packing)!!!