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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Chikako - Leave the Flow

So, the week nears the end and a post exists. A miracle I'm sure you'll agree. Don't know if this will be everyone's cup of tea, in fact, it won't be. But you never know unless you try...

Chikako - Leave the Flow

Now you've stopped admiring my childhood bright blue carpet (you should see the green walls!) I hope you'll give this a go. It is a poppy folk record from the 70s. Well, actually, I have no idea if it was a 70s release. Information about it doesn't exist. Google has no information, popsike has no past sales, RYM was my entry, discogs and allmusic have no records. So if you can help derive any information from the photos or know of a place with details please do help.

Tracks 2, 4 and 5 on the A-side sell this record for me. She puts some effort in. The B-side isn't quite as rewarding. Opening with some guitar work that wouldn't sound too out of place alongside Dire Straits but still containing some good tracks - B3 in particular fits with some of the better A-side material.

Rough track times:

A1. 00:05 -
A2. 03:12 -
A3. 07:39 -
A4. 12:20 -
A5. 16:22 -
A6. 19:08 - 23:10

B1. 00:03 -
B2. 03:41 -
B3. 07:40 -
B4. 11:38 -
B5. 15:07 -
B6. 18:26 - 22:37


New releases:

Before beginning this list I must apologise to anyone emailing me tracks and albums. I'm really not managing to find the time to listen to them at the moment and there's a large backlog of emails (50+) that are looking neglected. If you have new releases please feel free to add the email address in the top right of the blog to your mailing list but for the foreseeable future I'm unlikely to reply swiftly. You're more than welcome to link to your own releases in the comments, cbox or on the last.fm page.

Avant Archive: Black Eagle Child - Born Underwater
Knit Prism - Growing
A. Pushkin - The Figure

Siren Wire: Susan Matthews - LightScapes
Susan Matthews - The Whispering Void

Blackest Rainbow: Moon Unit - Hell Horse and Heady Stratus
David A Jaycock - Presets
Ben Nash / Magic Lantern - split
Wooden Wand - Wither Thou Goest, Cretin

Great Pop Supplement (check distros): Still Corners - Don't fall in love
Dean & Britta - I'll keep it with mine

Under the Spire are having a small summer sale.

Rainbow Bridge are also having a sale but it ends tomorrow (Friday).

Sweet Lodge Guru: Lawrence English - A Colour For Autumn (joint release with Digitalis but Digi have sold out of their copies)

Brave Mysteries: BONG - Samhain Festival
Lens - Techtron Dawn - Chimera Game II
MV & EE - Muskie&Manitou
The Mumber Toes - Always Already

Apollolaan Recordings: Stormhat - Kabine
Book of Shadows - Chichen Itza

Les Disques Normal: V/A - I Wish I Had a Horse's Head (French Tribute to Sparklehorse) (free download)

Joy De Vivre: Oleoresin Capsicum - Synth Pop

Different Lands (here for contact details / samples): Water Lily Jaguar / Pink Desert - split
Cruudeuces / Rambutan - Split
Wether - Opposed to the Future

Chunklet are giving Kickstarter a go in an attempt to make another book.

Hooker Vision: Nova Scotian Arms / Motion Sickness of Time Travel- The Fire Cult to Your Dream Child
Grant Evans - Ritual 1 & Ritual 2 (posters)

exbx Tapes: Jon Lorenz and Body Morph - Enjoyable Saxophone Music By...
Body Morph - Muted Me
V/A - Weird Stuff vol. 3
Starfox - s/t
Criminals - Wistful Chubby Genius

Three Lobed: Hans Chew - Tennessee & Other Stories...

Catholic Tapes (here for contact details): Fielded - Terrageist (LP)
Dino & Nic - The Arc of Nic & Dino
Christopher Riggs - 0:25, 0:50
Temporal Marauder - Subtractive Existence
Positive Shadow - Replication Slave
Elon Katz - The Pylori Program

Hanson Records: N/A - Network Issue #2
+ big sale

Prairie Fire Tapes: Tom Carter – Numinous
Gremlynz / Ajilvsga - split
Dim Dusk Moving Gloom – Blinded By The Natty White

Graveface had their office and LPs ruined by flooding. As a result they're raffling off tons of stuff. It includes Godspeed You Black Emperor artwork, something (unknown) from The Flaming Lips and Mike Watt's bass. However, there is a downside. You will have to fork out $500 for a chance of winning those. There are cheaper options though.


Found someone had uploaded most of a session by Shuji Inaba on youtube. Thank you Mr.

I love Jackson C Frank's album. I dare say it's my favourite album. And both of Laura Marling's albums have so far ticked the right boxes with me so to find her releasing a 7" covering 'Blues Run the Game' (and 'Needle and the Damage Done' by Neil Young) on Jack White's Third Man Records this month was a welcome surprise.

The people at Apple think they've done something of great originality (again) and have effectively re-created last.fm or mflow. They've called it Ping and incorporating it into iTunes 10. Judging by the surprising success of the iPad this will undoubtedly suck Appleholics in.


disconcerted said...

Immune Records: Ilyas Ahmed - Between Two Skies / Towards the Night (2LP)

Aguirre Records: Inner City - Future Life
Brother Raven – Diving Into The Pineapple Portal

s h o k o i s h i k a w a said...

Hi I found your lovely blog via Weedtemple, and thanks for sharing Chikako's music, I just liked the artwork and downloaded. Being Japanese, I could check about her, this album was from 1977 her debut.Let me know if you want some more info, I can mail you as I found many info. Or you can type ”白季 千加子” in google.