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Monday, 23 August 2010

MV & EE - Bollywoe

Hope everyone is well and has had a good summer - unless you're currently upside down in which case have a nice summer.
This post should mark the return of the blog. I'm going to try and consistently make a weekly post, whether each will contain a download depends on whether I manage to sort something out in time (I do have a couple of OOP LPs lined up) and I'll try and start doing the label lists again.

MV & EE - Bollywoe

This is the latest Child of Microtones release from MV & EE (Eclipse and Volcanic Tongue still have copies - elsewhere may also) and limited to 99 copies. For me, this suits more than the recently re-issued 'Liberty Rose' (vinyl edition on Arbitrary Signs) and 'Hick Smoke' (vinyl edition on Manhand), both of which left me slightly disappointed. 'Bhangra Jive' with Erika singing really hits the spot for me at the moment - it deserves a movie scene based around it situated in a dark bar.

"MV’s inspired instant onstage raps are a big part of their live appeals and one of the best tracks here, the 17-minute “The Beater”, basically incorporates a long surreal rap from MV with a sublime Skip Spence plays On The Beach groove courtesy of The Wolfpack: Rafi Bookstaber on percussion/guitar/space whisper, Paulie G on flute, Rongoose on synth percussion and Jeremy ‘Woods’ Earl on percussion and rhythm guitar. MV’s rapping style is inspired, equal parts Dylan circa “Yea! Heavy And A Bottle Of Bread”, Sonny Blount and Kenneth Patchen. The opening “Jook Enthusiast” is a solo MV raga that matches Alan Silva’s Skillfulness with modulated Indian electricity while “Bhangra Jive” approaches the recent live groove-based style that touches on Miles Davis’ Dark Magus era with psychedelic hillbilly stylings and an inspired rap, this time from Erika. Backing comes from Samara Lubelski and John Moloney, with MV trading wild guitar lines with Willie Lane like the early Television. There’s a version of “Sweetheart Of The Nascar” that’s close to the single version but a little more frazzled while the closing “Sweet Yoni” is an eye-lolling raga with some exuberant dulcimer. MV&EE are on a creative roll of late and this is a particularly necessary installment. Edition of 99 copies, packaged in the usual swank COM style, with hand-painted sleeves and fold-out card inner." (Volcanic Tongue)

Track Listing:
1. Jook Enthusiast
2. The Beater
3. Bhangra Jive
4. Sweetheart of the Nascar
5. Sweet Yoni


If you can afford to please support this great band somehow - they're soon to go on tour (again). As well as this release (still available from the previously mentioned distros) there are those two vinyl re-issues, the 'Sweetheart of the Nascar' 7" on Electric Temple, bootlegs on Heroine (direct from the band), Brave Mysteries and an 8 cassette bootleg box from Blackest Rainbow. Soon adds up, doesn't it?


nezza said...

thanks friend!

Paul said...

what a magnificent return. thanks for this, & for everything. many blessings!

Michael said...

Thank you for posting the sweet emissions from MV+EE!

disconcerted said...

No problem.
Got a few good things lined up for the next few weeks. And if anyone can read Japanese, help may be needed.

cosmic joker said...

Thanks a lot for Bollywoe.
Seems like their best since a long time.
I would have bought the CDR but I just went back from vacation and it's gone everywere.
Wouldnt you have a flac rip to post by chance?
thanks again anyway.

disconcerted said...

Sorry, I don't have the space (100mb online storage limit) or time to make and upload flac rips of albums.

I agree with you - best for a while. Having seen the last two get vinyl editions you'd hope someone out there does another edition of this album.

Pancho'pium said...



disconcerted said...

Sorry, didn't realise this had been taken down and have only just seen your comment. I'll try and remember to re-post it this weekend, although I suspect you've managed to find it elsewhere since.

jim hildreth said...

Isn't this piracy? DID mv/e give you permission to upload their music?