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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Peter Broderick - Three Film Score Intakes

It has now been over a month since the last upload on this blog. I didn't start it with the intention of uploading much but a month feels like a long break. It's not like there aren't a million other blogs supplying music though so I don't exactly feel bad about neglecting uploads for a while.
Anyway, getting back to normal, here's something that wasn't available for very long but is very recent.

Peter Broderick - Three Film Score Intakes

This was released two weeks ago on Schedios Records (a newish label founded and run by Clem Leek). Released on a 3" CD in an edition of 200, some of which appear to be available from Experimedia (link below). The music is taken from a short film by Matt Clark titled 'Passenger'.

"the three tracks on display here combine piano, strings and field recordings. A signature of the Broderick classical sound is his ability to take a minimalist approach to composing and through his blending of pre-recorded sounds or looping his own instruments he adds significant complexity to his music. So, for example, “Part 1” in essence a fairly simplistic, but nonetheless beautiful piano composition is supported by undertones of violin and given a distinctly gritty edge through the recorded sound of a train passing by. “Part 2” which seamlessly integrates from the first track, gives the strings a more prominent role and the resulting sound is an emotionally charged, melancholic one. “Part 3,” reverting to a greater piano focus again, is the most melodic of the three tracks yet Broderick again through his ambient intuition, ensures there is not an overriding burden of romance to the composition." (Fluid Radio)

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More will probably be added over the next couple of days. If only there was a Twitter service that allowed for more characters, that would be perfect.

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thank you. I love the Broderick's music

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